Selling RCI Points 2019

Selling RCI Points 2019

Selling RCI Points

Selling RCI Points on Holiday Max gives you a number of great choices on how you go about it. Holiday Max are specialists in RCI points and sell nothing else, so we are best placed to give you expert help and advice to best help you selling RCI Points Timeshare the way you want to.

How to Sell RCI Points

Holiday Max offer free advice on how to go about reselling your RCI Points Timeshare ownership, get a value and likelihood of sales time. So in answer to the question how do you sell RCI Points or even can you sell RCI points, it depends on what your ownership is as to what it is worth. The highest price you can get for any timeshare is what the buyer is willing to pay. Now the better the deal to an RCI points buyer, the more likely and the faster you will sell RCI Points. Here at Holiday Max, we can help sell your RCI Points by combining it with one of our RCI points offers to new or existing RCI Points buyers.

Selling RCI Points Timeshare

    • Sell Direct to a new RCI points buyer
    • Sell to existing RCI points owners
    • Selling RCI Points Timeshare Weeks back as points again
    • Sell your RCI Points resale to our existing owners
    • Guidance on notifying RCI that you want to sell and withdraw from points
    • Help transfer existing RCI points in your account to your buyer
    • Transfer your existing points to another member whilst you sell
    • Give, help, guidance and best advice, including how to sell it
  • Get out of timeshare if you can’t sell

Can you sell RCI Points

Can you sell RCI Points? It depends on the RCI Points Type of RCI Points ownership you have as to whether you can sell it or not. Generally, if you have RCI Pure Points (just points and no property) then you hand back thru RCI. Holiday Max RCI Pure Points are low cost and so pure points are quite often bought because of their hand back facility.

RCI points from weeks. The good news is when you have a property based RCI Points Week, then you can withdraw from RCI points and sell the week to someone else specifically to use as RCI points. We can do this for you, subject to acceptance.

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How To Sell RCI Points

How to sell RCI Points. At Holiday Max we look to see whether the underlying RCI weeks are attractive to buyers. What every RCI Points buyer is looking for is a combination of things; nice resort, stable ownership with a low management fee and a track record of how the resort has been maintained and the management fee rises over time and how good the week is.

Let’s go thru a couple of those. How good is an RCI Points week? Well, a week that is worth a lot of points is worth a lot of points for a reason, it is good and or it is in the right place and at the right time of year. That translates as A lot of points and a low management fee. Then buyers like to think they are buying a safe bet, so they like a long track record at a resort of being well run and stable management fees.

How Do You Sell RCI Points With Holiday Max?

How do you sell RCI Points? Here at Holiday Max we only sell what we recommend as a good deal to a new buyer and if your ownership matches that and is a European resort so much the better and the chances are we can help.

Would you buy your RCI Points?

Here is a question to ask yourself. If you were buying again or indeed were buying more RCI Points, would you choose your existing ownership from all the others? Would you buy yours again? We have Holiday Max owners that have been extremely happy with what they own and are passing on a dream, whereas you may have bought something not quite so attractive elsewhere and are selling because of that. This affects the desirability and likelihood of a sale.

Once you have made your mind up in selling RCI Points we need a bit of information about what you own, so we can advise value, how much is the management fee, whether we will take it on and so on.

Get Selling RCI Points On Holiday Max

Selling RCI Points on Holiday Max. The first step is to tell us what you own in the way of RCI Points and we need to know the resort that your RCI points are converted with, any other resorts that are included with it (other resorts where you own weeks) and the management fees you pay. When you initially tell us your weeks for sale we will then come back to you so we can have the finer points of the ownership that a buyer will request from you and these can go with your listing if we accept it.

You can sell your weeks as the bundle they are, or once you have withdrawn your weeks from RCI you can sell them together or individually for reconverting back into RCI points.

“Buyers who know what they are looking for will often cherry pick out good weeks with high points scores and low management fees”

What you have to be wary of is selling off the good weeks and getting stuck with any ownership you may have that are less than perfect.

Weeks with a low points value or huge management fee’s are almost impossible to give away let alone sell, so if you own a combination you need to be savvy and offer as a bundle.

If however you just own “cherries” (top weeks with low management fees) it may be buyers will want to buy it to use the week at the resort. Ask Max for help and advice once you are registered with us.

Selling RCI Points

Holiday Max is the revolutionary game changer to selling your RCI Points. Before you can sell, you need to make yourself clued up on what your best options are, what the RCI points rules are on reselling your ownership and how to best go about competing with other rci points that are for sale. We can help you at every step of the way.

Luckily, here at Holiday Max, we have lots of ways to help with top tips and advice on how to go about selling your RCI points to get the best-desired effect. Find out what the rules are on selling, why you expressly can’t use a timeshare resales agent to sell rci points and what you can do to give yourself the best options.

    •   Listing On Holiday Max as a points ownership, If Accepted
    •   Find out why you cannot use a Resales Agent To Sell Your RCI Points
    •   The one year notice of withdrawal with RCI Points
    •   How to sell RCI Points directly to other owners
    •   Selling before the RCI Points release date
    •   Selling your week with Holiday Max Help
    •   Transferring Ownership
    •   Moving the membership to another RCI Points owner
  •   RCI Pure Points Handback

RCI Points For Sale By Owner

RCI Points For Sale By Owner weeks are usually combined with other ownership and then converted into an RCI Points membership for the new owner. Holiday Max can help at every step of the way. See also Sell My RCI Points for the UK or European ownership options.