Save up to 80% buy RCI Points with Holiday Max

Save up to 80% buy RCI Points with Holiday Max

Save up to 80% buy RCI Points with Holiday Max. Here is how it works with Holiday Max and how you can save up to 80% when buying RCI Points with Holiday Max

Save up to 80% buy RCI Points with Holiday Max

Save up to 80% buy RCI Points with Holiday Max. How to buy RCI Points Wisely? Buying RCI Points?

By purchasing RCI Points through us at our low, low prices you are buying a peak RCI timeshare week or weeks at up to 80% less than comparable weeks elsewhere that are converted into RCI points which can be used at any RCI resort around the world. This includes many high luxury resorts in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. Our RCI Points memberships run from you own locality in the United States, Canada or elsewhere in the World. We also sell RCI Pure Points for example 25,000 every year for $1495 to own. See our post on RCI Pure Points vs RCI Weeks as points for types of RCI Points. Save up to 80% buy RCI Points with Holiday Max and get great vacations for less cost.

How to buy RCI Points? If you are buying weeks for RCI Points, the amount of RCI points that your week is worth is determined by the time of year, the size of your unit and the quality of the resort itself. This evaluation is set by RCI.

When you want to use your RCI points for your vacation the same process applies. The number of points required to use a resort depends on the time of year you want to stay, the size of the unit and the rating of the resort itself, for instance RCI Gold Crown resorts such as the ones Holiday Max sell, are worth more points and require more points to stay at.

The points needed for an RCI timeshare week in high season in a large unit at an RCI Gold Crown resort might be the same as for two week-long stay in low season in a small unit in another resort.

Stephanie Sadberry – Holiday Max RCI Points Owner.

“……My whole perspective about being able to take some amazing vacations, became a reality with our RCI Points. Stephanie RCI Points Owner at last.

For a fraction of the cost that we were presented with in the Las Vegas RCI Points presentation and with 3 times more RCI points value to exchange, we quickly got on board and purchased our RCI Points using a resort week from Holiday Max which they converted into RCI Points through their UK Quaysiders resort…..”

Read More Stephanie Sadberry – RCI Points Owner

Why buy your RCI Points Timeshare from Holiday Max?

Firstly you can save up to 80% buying RCI Points with Holiday Max over the cost of buying at a presentation or at a resort.

You can buy a week in our Gold Crown resort in England for a lot cheaper than the equivalent points value elsewhere in the world, saving up to 80% of the purchase cost for the same product as RCI points. You can own 25000 RCI Points for just $1495. You get a full RCI Points account and 25000 points every year to spend as you choose.

For this reason Holiday Max management fees are among the lowest you will find per point. Our RCI Points last until 2065 and so you can own it and enjoy it now, pass it on to family or friends, sell it (through us if you wish, we only sell our own resorts). It’s the ultimate ownership and our resort is RCI Gold Crown Quality and RCI red time high season all year round.

RCI Points family memberships from Holiday Max

As to family, you can have up to 5 people on our deeds and on your RCI points membership. This means that you can save 80% of the purchase costs when buying and also have all the family as RCI Points members as well.

How much are RCI Points?

Save up to 80% buy RCI Points with Holiday Max. With prices starting as low as $1295 for a full RCI Points account and 12000 RCI Points you are in the best place to buy. The purchase of your RCI Pure points or property week or weeks ready to use as points in all our offers. If owning points thru weeks the amount depends on the time of year your week is (peak season vs high season), the size of the unit and the quality of the resort e.g. Gold Crown resorts have the best amenities and the amount of points your week is worth. See our RCI Points special offers that can save you up to 80% for examples or mail us for a great offer specific to your needs.

Not sure how many points you need?

We can help with RCI Points values. If you let us know where you want to go, time of year and how many people would go, then we can reply quickly by email with some real points values for you. All you have to do is ask and send us that info. We also have a Holiday Max RCI Points reservations value brochure.

Yearly Resort Fees , sometimes called Management or Maintenance Fees, they are all one and the same thing. This is a yearly fee which is used by the management for the maintenance and running costs of your home resort.

RCI membership fees. This is an annual fee which you pay to be an RCI member, this enables you to exchange points to stay at resorts. Your points balance and transactions are accessed via logging in to your RCI website membership.

Save up to 80% buy RCI Points with Holiday Max

Save up to 80% buy RCI Points with Holiday Max, we have been selling RCI timeshare for over 30 years and consider ourselves the no-pressure sales guys. Holiday Max pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and like to help people make informed decisions. We can tailor make an RCI points package to suit your exact requirements so you have enough points to vacation at US, Canadian or Caribbean resorts you want when you want to go. All without spending more than you need to.

Save up to 80% buy RCI Points with Holiday Max from the comfort of your own home

Buy RCI Points with up to 80% savings from the comfort of your own home in your own time. Low cost RCI Points Memberships and low annual management fees. Holiday Max owners buy real RCI Gold Crown Weeks that we convert for use as RCI Points, we call that “Powered by RCI Gold Crown Weeks”

Holiday Max Peak weeks are worth double or treble the point values of other weeks

Holiday Max cherry pick the best weeks for your RCI Points membership, so you pay the same yearly management fee yet have double or treble the points of other weeks, increasing the savings on your purchase costs per point and reducing the management fees per point. This means you get low cost vacations from Holiday Max RCI vacation points.

Holiday Max specialize in RCI Points

Save up to 80% buy RCI Points with Holiday Max. We specialize in RCI Points and sell nothing else. Buy RCI Points Special Offers from a well established 30 year old Timeshare Company that specializes in just RCI Points and you too can be saving up to 80% on your RCI Points purchase. One look at our prices for brand new RCI Points bargains, you will understand why our owners have become our fan base!

Own top notch Holiday Max RCI Gold Crown Weeks which are converted into RCI Points (which you could change back to RCI Points weeks should you so wish in the future). We give you the best of both Worlds with Dual RCI Ownership. This means you can use your RCI Points or use your timeshare as RCI weeks.

How To buy RCI Points? Save up to 80% buy RCI Points with Holiday Max

Want a fast purchase and no property to look after? Choose from Holiday Max super offers on RCI Pure Points and you can Buy 35,000 RCI Pure Points for just $1895 MF Only $435, better still if you want to own the RCI Points quickly without owning a property.

RCI members can also use points for cruises, car rentals and get special deals on travel insurance.

See also the Timesharer Website Buying RCI Points Guide 2017

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