RCI Vacation Points

RCI Vacation Points

RCI Vacation Points

RCI Vacation Points 2019. What Are RCI Vacation Points – in quick terms a liquid value of what your timeshare is worth to use on vacations. Simplicity itself and as fair as can be. You always get exactly the amount of points your timeshare is worth, to use every year (valued by RCI) and then it is absolutely up to you, as to how you choose to spend your points on your vacations.

You can choose to spend less RCI Vacation Points in lower key value resorts and get more of them or you can save up everything together to go to a 5L key resort (above 5 stars) as you so wish. Your only restriction to requesting the booking is sufficient vacation ownership points.

How Do I Buy An RCI Vacation Points Timeshare?

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Choose RCI Points Type That Works Best For You. How do you buy an RCI Vacation Points Timeshare? At Holiday Max RCI Points we are here to offer over 30 years of excellent service, experience, and knowledge. If you buy the right RCI Points Package from us at the right price, with a second to none, a track record of resort management and low maintenance fees, then you will save money on fabulous vacations for years and years to come. View our latest RCI Points For Sale by owner.

What Are RCI Vacation Points and how do I get a good one?

Get RCI Points Guides, Values Charts and Hot Offers. Instant Download

How to get a good RCI Points Timeshare. Easily, you simply have to ask us which package we think will suit you best and take our advice. However, we offer a special service that is unique to Holiday Max RCI Points. We ensure you have enough info to let you see which RCI Points deals are good ones. That way you can tell yourself what is a good timeshare deal and what is a silly one.

We heartily recommend you download our NEW completely free 16-page fact-packed RCI Points Buyers Guide 2019 – updated April 2019. It has a quick do’s and don’t page fact sheet right at the start and you can use this as your quick protector when comparing deals out there. Everything you want to know is in that guide. If you do nothing else read this. Download it instantly. Use the form at the bottom of this page or contact us and we will show you where it is online.

Some timeshare makes better options for ownership in RCI Points than others if you are a clever buyer. For instance, all weeks throughout the year have the same management fees in a particular timeshare unit, but some weeks may have a points value of 12,000, whereas others at a different time of year, maybe 79,000 rci Points in value. Both of those weeks have the same annual running cost fees (Management Fee), but one gets 7 times the vacations of the other!

Holiday Max is great. No Deposits, no monies upfront, no sales calls or visits, no tours to attend, but you do get a 14-day full cooling off period and RCI Paperwork by mail to the comfort of your own home. We have been offering a full 14-day cooling off period for 30 years and pride ourselves on the fact that our owners chose us!

If you are serious about getting the best performing, money saving, asset retaining RCI Points Vacation Package, then contact us for more info and we will send you an email with our insider tips into what makes our particular RCI Points deals the best on the market. We have thousands of happy owners and we would welcome you with open arms to join them.

How Much Do RCI Vacation Points Cost?

Here at Holiday Max, we sell RCI vacation points from as little as $1,391, including the RCI Points account and setup.

Generally speaking, a really nice RCI Points ownership can be owned for around $1,980 to $6,617, depending on just how many RCI Points you want and where you are wanting to go with them of course. Ask about our great low fee ownership.

The secret is in the Management fee running cost as that is how much you will pay for your future vacations. Buy the Right RCI Points package from Holiday Max and you could save all of that money back in your vacations over the next few years. Let us show you how simply fill in the form below and we will get right back to start helping you get the very best RCI Points ownership.

What Are RCI Vacation Points  In Greater Detail

So, What Are RCI Vacation Points in real terms?  RCI Vacation Points are a liquid measurement of timeshare worth, a bit like a monetary value. Armed with a specific amount of RCI Points in your account, you can book the vacations you fancy, unrestricted by rules and regulations. Go online, choose your resort and vacation, check the RCI Points value is within the budget of your holding and book it instantly. Easy!

We like RCI Points! Here’s how it works.

You buy yourself ownership with as many points as you think you’ll need each year for your vacations. All RCI Points have an annual fee – a management fee. This is so your resort is always in peak condition, so everyone gets to use it as if it is brand new each time.

RCI Points – How Do I Buy The Right One?

We have done all the hard work for you and taken away the risk and guessing. We have chosen timeshare weeks in a super RCI Gold Crown Resort and we then convert your weeks to be used as RCI points every year. Our resort has a proven track record for the last twenty years, of excellent management with the management fee increases only in line with inflation.

It’s an unbeatable deal, low cost for you to buy and low annual fees with a 15-year track record of staying RCI gold crown awarded (Annual award) and staying within inflation.

RCI Gold Crown Timeshare Resort. The RCI Gold Crown is an awarded accolade of the highest quality and service within RCI. Voted to resorts by RCI members. These RCI members or existing RCI owners just like you can vote on their exchange resorts after each vacation onsite. As an owner can’t vote for their own timeshare ownership it gives a realistic reflection of luxury and service.

Best Long-Term To Own. If you are buying the best deal in the marketplace (ours!), the lowest cost to buy and low annual costs, then that is the going rate. That is also the going rate of course if you ever need to resell, which is why we use top weeks at a Gold Crown resort before we convert to RCI Points. Whether you want to be in RCI weeks or RCI Points, we deliver both in the one ownership, so you really can have the best of both Worlds.

What you are buying it for is what it is worth and that little gem of a rule also applies to when you want to resell it in the future. When you buy from Holiday Max we sell passively and all our owners have had great deals and this is why they choose to come back to us again for extra weeks for extra points. We are tried and trusted in RCI Vacation Points Memberships.

Why Do You Specialize In RCI Vacation Points At Holiday Max?

RCI Vacation Points are the leading brand. Top Dog  RCI has over 35 years of being the timeshare front-runner and having the most resorts and the most members Worldwide. RCI is a safe bet for the long term as they only supply you with the service of RCI Points. Other lesser Vacation Clubs could leave you more vulnerable to their own internal pricing structures and annual fee structures. Because RCI Don’t own the resort you are using for RCI Points they won’t ever have a conflict of interests. So we have chosen to be with RCI as they have been rock solid for us for over 30 years!

Ask Yourself “What Are My RCI Vacation Points Motivations?” Answer In In a word, “fun”.

Be clever about your ownership, done right you can have years and years of really excellent vacations, saving loads of money and having all that fun.

Buy the best RCI points, get the best RCI points deal, be happy hereafter.

Lets recap:-

Choose a stable RCI Gold Crown resort, with a long track record of excellence and low management fees to service costs we change it into RCI Points and you have a winner for the long term.

Why Holiday Max RCI Vacation Points Are Specialists

Here at Holiday Max we give a full 14 day cooling off period, cancellation is not a problem with us and you can buy anytime you want under no pressure! There are no presentations to attend, no sales pitch and no stress. Call us and get the best advice and join our thousands of happy owners at your leisure from your own home. All paperwork is sent thru the post when you are ready.

How Much Do RCI Vacation Points Cost 2019?

We have RCI Points for sale at every level from 12,000 RCI Points right up to a million RCI Points.

Buy 79,000 RCI Points for a once off purchase cost of $2,378  with a maintenance fee of just $674

        Buy 12,000 RCI Points for a once off purchase cost of $1,318  with a maintenance fee of just $172

Buy 45,500 RCI Points for a once off purchase cost of $2,510  with a maintenance fee of just $456

Buy 18,000 RCI Pure Points for a once off purchase cost of $1,980  with a maintenance fee of just $228

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Larger and smaller options are available to suit use the form to ask and we’ll give you our best closest offer or see our latest RCI Points For Sale

What Are RCI Vacation Points A Brief Overview:

  • You get a points allocation every year from your ownership and these are called RCI Points.
  • Choose how to spend these RCI Points every year.  Bigger suites use more points than small ones, higher seasons use more points than out of season and the higher quality, the more points you use.
  • You get more space and amenities than a typical hotel and will be on vacation among fellow owners from around the world
  • RCI Last Call Vacations. Extraordinary rates on last-minute full-week vacations.
  • RCI Cruise Vacations: Discounted cruises because you are an RCI points owner you can save $500 USD or more per cabin
  • RCI Points Vacations Travel Products: RCI Points can be used for discounts on travel products and services such as hotel stays and airline tickets.
  • RCI Endless Vacation: RCI’s member-only resort directory
  • RCI Travel: An in-house travel agent for your travel arrangements, flights, insurance and more.
  • Wyndham Hotel Group Discount:  Up to 20% off the Best Available Rate at participating Wyndham Hotel Group properties

Our Holiday Max RCI Points ownership can be used dually for RCI weeks. Here is some info on RCI Weeks.

What Is A Weeks Timeshare? You own a share of a vacation resort, whilst ensuring luxury, amenities, and location. But make sure you buy the right one and the right one for your expectations.

So, what is a timeshare then? Timeshares are generally a week of the year owned by deed or Club Trustee Membership, shared amongst the other owners, not just of that particular villa or apartment, but usually of the whole timeshare resort or even timeshare resort multi-destination club (a set of timeshare resorts). The idea is that once you have bought your share or shares and own them, then you only have to maintain their upkeep every year by paying a management fee and no longer have to pay expensive rents.

How Does A Timeshare Work? Timeshare Weeks

Yearly Fees. Once you have your timeshare weeks you pay the annual management fee to the resort or appointed management company and they look after your entire resort. Which means all the amenities and leisure facilities, the reception and cleaning and all other costs fees and taxes, everything shared by everyone equally.

Now if you own specific timeshare weeks in a particular villa or apartment you can go to your very own villa weeks every year, year after year. Fixed weeks as an example would be weeks 51 and 52 for Christmas and New Year or 33 and 34 are August. That’s a simple version of what a timeshare is.

Motivation? You like a particular unit, perhaps with a great sea view or a hot tub on the balcony or you want to bring the family to the “home from home vacation timeshare” every year. The advantage is you are 100% guaranteed your own unit, after all, you own that specific one. But you are stuck with the same weeks and the same unit.

However, as time progressed there became more interesting and more varied things that can be done with timeshare!

What Is A Floating Timeshare?

Floating Timeshare Weeks. Before RCI Points came onto the market, one of the most fluid ways to own a timeshare was called floating time. Generally speaking, you buy a season and unit size at a resort, a group of resorts or a multi-destination club.

Time Bands For simplicity there are usually three or four seasonal time bands, that is to say, dates of the year in groups, for instance, low, mid, high and peak seasons.

Unit Sizes Then you have unit sizes, usually a studio for 2 people, 1 bedroom for up to 4 people, 2 bedrooms for 6 people, 3 bedrooms for 8 people and so on.

Like for like or trade down. For example, you could own a floating 2 bed peak season week. That means you can go to any week in peak and because it’s a top week you could change it to any other week at any time of year in a 2 bed or smaller unit. Similarly, if you owned a 1 bedroom high season week you could go to any high season or lesser seasonal week in a 1 bedroom or studio-sized apartment. But, you can’t go up a grade from the high season to the peak season or from the 1 bed to the two bed, because that’s not what you own.

Motivation? Generally, you can book and go to your own resort or resort group with a minimum of fuss, but you aren’t guaranteed a specific apartment or time of year, its first come first served. Having said that you are offered a lot more freedom of the resort.

This all changed with RCI Points Timeshare, see earlier in this article!

What Is A Timeshare Weeks Exchange?

If you have a fixed week timeshare or floating week timeshare, what happens if you want to go somewhere else for a change? That’s easy you can use RCI as a means of swapping your timeshare with someone else’s. RCI lets you space-bank your week, you relinquish the right to use your week for another back in exchange.

How Does RCI Weeks Exchange Work?

On a simplistic level, you give a timeshare with worth to RCI and they do their best to supply you one back in exchange that has the same “trading power” as the one you have given them. So if you give them a super high quality 3 bed, top location, you can expect to get the same back. However there are a myriad of rules and criteria that a lot of people find confusing, and if not banked correctly, your trading power can be quite demolished, resulting in a greater disparity on exchange time of year and quality rating.

It is paramount that a week is space-banked early, up to two years ahead of the date, which can require a lot of advanced planning. Having said that it is a tried and trusted means of vacation ownership exchange enjoyed by millions worldwide for the last 30 years and more.

Motivation? A simple vehicle for weeks exchange, offering a like for like size and season exchange to over 6800 resorts Worldwide