RCI Pure Points vs Weeks RCI Points

RCI Pure Points vs Weeks RCI Points

RCI Pure Points vs Weeks RCI Points

RCI Pure Points vs Weeks RCI Points. There are two ways of being in RCI Points. They both work the same but are quite different to own. Which is best?

RCI Pure points. Also Called Just Points

These are just points and have no property behind them in your ownership. We have 25000 RCI Points with your own RCI Points account for just $1,623 to own. They have a management fee of $331 invoiced by RCI’s trustees every year, fees are not included in purchase as they are charged every year. Advantage – Low cost and nice and easy to buy. If you are an existing owner you can add 25000 extra RCI Pure Points for just $861. Further 10,000 points are $795 for each 10,000 Management Fee $132 per 10,000 and if you no longer want them for any reason you can hand them back. See RCI Pure Points Offers

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Using An RCI Week Or Weeks as points. Also Called RCI Participation Agreement

This is owning a week and always have the points value for them every year with RCI.
Before we compare RCI Pure Points vs Weeks as RCI Points, both of these are the same in use, you get the same login to the RCI website and they both book exactly the same vacations for the same points values. So whichever you buy, you end up with the same vacations.

There is one big difference though. When you own the RCI pure points, RCI invoices you the management fee every year. The management fee is the average management fee for all units and all sizes and dates averaged out, plus RCI’s portion of the management fee built in.

At Holiday Max you can also buy RCI weeks and always use them automatically as RCI points every year.

This permanent arrangement with RCI is called an RCI Participation Agreement. The agreement with RCI is that they always have your week every year and in return, you always get a specific value in points. So they get the week, you get the points.

These ownerships perform exactly the same apart from the management fee. Let me explain a little more and you’ll see why we select certain weeks for points and certain weeks that are no good for points. You can also see our post Buying RCI Points Wisely and RCI Vacation Points if you want to hone up on your knowledge base.


RCI Pure Points vs Weeks RCI Points.

So we are comparing just points vs owning a week and using it as the points value. Here is how to get a great RCI Points ownership from Holiday Max with low management fees of $650 using a week worth 79000 Points as RCI Points.

All weeks in an apartment have exactly the same management fee no matter what week number or date. However some weeks may be worth 32000 RCI Points as a value that has a management fee of $650 and then we have peak season weeks that are obviously worth a stack more points and in this case 79,000 points or going up to 100,000 RCI Points, yet the same management fee of $650.

So…..   the same management fee can be cheap or rather expensive, depending on the week and date in the year. The end result is identical, the resort is the same, the points are the same in RCI the world over. But as you can see, some are better than others in the cost of the management fee per point.

RCI Pure Points vs Weeks RCI Points. Just the same as some weeks are much better to own than others for RCI Points, from a management fee points of view, it is nearly always cheaper to own the week rather than the pure points once you go over a certain level, which is roughly 50,000 pure points, with a management fee of $662. Compare that to 79,000 – 100,000 RCI Points from a week with a management fee of $650.

RCI Pure Points vs Weeks as RCI Points, the cheapest to buy isn’t always the best. Gillette used to give away the razor and then charge handsomely for the blades and the same can be the case with choosing the right type of RCI Points. Please ask if not sure as we are here to help at Holiday Max. See our latest RCI Points special Offers pages.

See our latest RCI Points special Offers pages.

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Pure points are cheaper to buy and that is because the weeks that work best are peak weeks with high values and these cost more as they are the peak weeks of the year of course. There are only nine really good peak weeks in an apartment over a year that has these triple value weeks, so they are naturally scarce. Meanwhile, if you buy pure points your ownership cost can be more expensive in the long term because of the running cost.