RCI Points Platinum

RCI Points Platinum

RCI Points Platinum

RCI Points Platinum. What is rci platinum membership? In RCI Points Platinum there are three areas of benefits to give you that vacation and membership advantage

So, what Is RCI Points Platinum? Sometimes called RCI Platinum Membership Or RCI Platinum benefits

RCI Points Platinum is the top level in RCI Points. You can choose to add it on a year by year basis for a small fee.

In RCI Points Platinum there are three great areas of benefits to give you that vacation and membership advantage.

How much is rci platinum membership? See RCI Points Fees USA USD $89 per year, CAD$113

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RCI Platinum Benefits Include RCI Points Platinum Upgrades And Changes.

Move on up to a larger or more luxurious apartment at the same resort, or change to a superior resort within your geographic region.

Within two weeks of check-in, if one of the resorts you’ve specified, or a bigger unit at your resort opens up, we’ll change your reservation for you and provide you with the details.

For instance, you may have booked a 1 bedroom apartment suite with 1 bathroom and you can get offered a 1 bedroom 2 bathroom with a bigger square footage or on up to a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom and so on. At Holiday Max our owners have reported back that they have had upgrades around 50% of the time on their vacations.

“It’s been awesome- California, Arizona, Florida- Orlando twice and Fort Lauderdale once- Texas and I have Hawaii booked for next year already!   I’ve gotten a no charge upgrade about 50% of the time as well. 

Tanya Le Blanc, RCI Points Owner since 2012

RCI Points Platinum Priority and Privileges

Platinum Points Extension: RCI Points members who are also RCI Platinum members, can extend unused saved Points for twice as long as a standard member.

Get a one day earlier access to Extra Vacation getaways with Platinum Previews

Front of the Queue Platinum Early Priority Access – exclusive access to great vacations at select hotels and resorts before they’re made available to standard members for exchange.

RCI Points Platinum owners have a dedicated call center toll-free line.

RCI Points Partner Program: RCI Points Platinum members who are also RCI Points members, can use more of their Points to book travel than standard RCI Subscribing members.

RCI Points Platinum Exclusive Sales & Savings

Exclusive Platinum Sales & Savings – 10% discount on Extra Vacations getaways and Last Call vacations: Enjoy an additional 10% off, on top of any sale discounts already.

Free Ongoing Search: RCI Platinum members don’t pay an exchange fee until a match is found.

Free Points Transfers: RCI Points Platinum members can transfer their RCI Points to another member without a fee.

Free On-Hold Vacations: RCI Platinum members can place a vacation on hold without paying the Exchange fee up front.

Savings Dollars: Earn on everyday RCI transactions, and redeem toward the purchase of hotel stays, merchandise, Restaurant.com dining certificate and more.

RCI Cruise Discounts: RCI Platinum members receive an additional $25 per cabin with the exchange, and can share the discount with an unlimited number of friends and family.

I bought a cruise and resort package from RCI last year- fantastic value- I’m taking my kids over Xmas on a Caribbean cruise through Norwegian cruise line with connecting balcony staterooms for about $5,000 and that cruise would have cost me at full retail about $12,000. I really appreciate your help with this.”  

Tanya Le Blanc

Platinum Tours & Packages: Vacation to exotic places or visit some of the best golf, ski and spa destinations in the US, and receive an extra $25 savings per couple when you exchange.

City Attractions: Receive a 20% discount on the Explorer Card and GO Pass, and enjoy up to 55% off popular city attractions.