RCI Points Vs RCI Weeks

RCI Points Vs RCI Weeks

RCI Points Vs RCI Weeks – Which Is Best?

RCI Points Vs RCI Weeks, Compare RCI Points, Get Points Charts, Buy RCI Points. You can do all of this from this website.

Check out our RCI Points Vs RCI Weeks chart below and see all the fabulous benefits when you buy RCI points. Looking to buy RCI Points? See our RCI Points special offers to see some of our great deals. Meanwhile, compare timeshare points versus weeks with our RCI Points chart below. You can also get our RCI Points Buyers Guide 2018 Free instant download and special offers and RCI Points values charts USA, Hawaii, Mexico and Canada and more.

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Compare RCI Points Chart Vs RCI Weeks Chart. Which is better points or weeks timeshare? See also How To Buy RCI Points wisely.

RCI Points Vs RCI Weeks

Buying RCI Points ComparedWith Buying RCI Weeks
Book Weeks and RCI PointsBook Only RCI Weeks Resorts
Short stays from one dayBook per week only
14 days for one feeTwo weeks are Two fees
28 days for one feeFour weeks are Four fees
Unlimited BookingsOne booking per week owned
Any time of yearNo season upgrades
Any apartment sizeFixed apartment size
Multiple weeks for one feeA fee for each week booked
Choose Weeks & Points resortsJust RCI Weeks Resorts
Hotels, flights, car hire & moreJust RCI Weeks
RCI Points Cruise VacationsJust RCI Weeks
Save up RCI Points for super vacationJust RCI Weeks
Last Call VacationsJust RCI Weeks
Full Points Staying PowerWeek trading power declines
Availability in RCI points onlineOnly weeks allowed

RCI Points Vs RCI Weeks which is better?

There are benefits in both points and weeks systems of exchange.


RCI Points are best if you want to see the World, get fair exchanges with the value of your ownership and want the maximum choice. RCI Points owners have dual membership, get access to both pools of supply, the supply from points owners and the supply of banked weeks from weeks owners. It gets better. Because points timeshare owners are always banked, their weeks’ ownership is available every year, meaning the supply can be quite bountiful and consistent on a year by year basis.

RCI Points owners can request any time of year to any size of an apartment, anywhere in the World to any grade of RCI Resort in the RCI System. In effect, all you need to make the request is enough points in your account.

Points gives a much more specific and fairer value to your timeshare week depending on the size of unit, the week number, the privacy factor, number of bathrooms and kitchen size, along with award rating of the resort and, unique to the points system, the key rating of your specific unit within that resort. You can then choose to spend your value on a lot of low season weeks or perhaps one large week in peak, depending on the value of points you own. Points can be from a timeshare week or directly as pure points with RCI with no timeshare week.

RCI Points Fees USA can be much more owner-friendly on points


RCI Weeks are best if you are using your own timeshare resort and you have a fixed week of timeshare and you particularly want to go back to the same apartment every year at the same week. Maybe that apartment has a special view, has the feel of your own specific week (which indeed it would be!). Weeks is a like for like exchange based on the yearly award rating of your ownership (Gold Crown, Silver Crown or Hospitality) and the specific time of year you own, along with the size of a unit.

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RCI Points Vs RCI Weeks. RCI Weeks may not be as good if you want to exchange rather than go back to your own unit, have any sort of floating time weeks ownership or multi-destination club and there are a lot of reasons for this. Choose RCI Points is your best path to happiness.

With RCI weeks, before you can exchange you have to bank a week and that means you have to request a week from the developer – to give to RCI, so you can book somewhere else. Now, most resorts like to have the best weeks for their own members onsite and will allocate the best weeks to returning owners. The weeks they don’t want (and the less requested apartments as well) can be the ones that you are given to bank for exchange with RCI.

Banking RCI Weeks. What exactly you bank, when you bank it, determine your RCI Trading power or TPU as RCI now call it. RCI Trading power can be a nightmare at the best of times. Once you have your week banked you can only request a week from the weeks’ owners pool, you cannot access the supply from RCI Points weeks banked. Those weeks can be made up of the same banking criteria you have banked upon from your resort and so that will be your available choice.

RCI Points Vs RCI Weeks – The advantages of Choosing to buy RCI Points:

  • Booking RCI Points Last Call & Other Bargains:
  • Book 10 months in advance for power booking
  • Book within 45 days of travel for huge points discounts
  • Extra vacations without using your points
  • Compare RCI points:
  • Return to your own weeks
  • Holiday at your own (home) resort at any time of year in any size of a unit
  • Vacation within your home group of resorts
  • Vacation at RCI Points resorts
  • Vacation at RCI Weeks resorts (formerly the RCI Exchange Program)
  • Vacation for increased length of time with less cost
  • Save Points to create an extra special vacation
  • Rent additional Points
  • Borrow from next year to use now
  • Make RCI Points Partner reservations (Hotels, Cottages, Cruises, car hire, flights etc)
  • RCI Points gives the flexibility to change:-
  • Size and type of accommodation (From hotel rooms to 3 bedroomed luxury apartment suites sleeping 8)
  • The duration of your stay, whether it’s a whole week or a few days*.
  • The luxury rating of the resort and individual accommodation from 1 key to 5 key
  • The time of year you wish to travel.
  • You can use your RCI Points to make a flight, car hire and hotel reservations, with selected RCI Points Partners.
  • RCI Points Membership runs on an Anniversary rather than a Calendar basis. This means that your annual Membership runs for a full 12 months from the date you join rather than until the end of the year in which you join.

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