RCI Points Vacations

RCI Points Vacations

RCI Points Vacations

Want help explaining and choosing the best RCI Points Vacations? Have you had an introduction to RCI Points Vacations or perhaps attended  a sales presentation?

Do you wish to dispel any myths and  clarify  the benefits of RCI Points Vacations? Holiday Max are here to help and offer a friendly, no hassle service. We will answer any questions, queries and help you to fully understand RCI Vacation Points  at  your own speed – there is no rush! See our quick RCI Points Values Charts which has values examples for vacation bookings worldwide and our latest best RCI Points Timeshare offers.

Have you signed up for a timeshare already and are now shopping around for a much better deal?  ask us for our best RCI Points offer –just let us know how many RCI points you have been quoted for and you will be pleasantly surprised by our price.

Timeshare Myths that we know are being told.

RCI Points, vacation ownership and timeshare cannot be sold! This is the most recent myth and is completely untrue. The timeshare industry worldwide is still as strong as ever with large developers, small in-house sales teams and resale organisations offering timeshares for sale whether they are fixed deeded weeks, floating multi-ownership or flexible points systems.

The American Resort Developer Association ARDA report that timeshare sales and the industry’s outlook for the future remains positive based on its track record and performance over the last several years.  The timeshare industry is strongly regulated  so as to offer choice and protection to  all customers.

About RCI Points

  • RCI Points Vacations exchange program which gives you an extensive range of planning choices for your Vacation Points Timeshare.
  • Extra Vacations Getaways Best Price Guarantee.  include available accommodations, resorts, condos, cottages, villas around the world. You get more space and amenities than a typical hotel and often at a better value, without needing to exchange your Points.
  • RCI Last Call Vacations . Extraordinary prices on full-week vacations.
  • RCI Cruise Vacations: Discounted cruise vacations as a valued RCI points vacation subscribing member you can save $500 USD or more per cabin on your next cruise vacation.
  • RCI Points Vacations Travel Products: Use your Points for discounts on a range of travel products and services such as hotel stays and airline tickets.
  • RCI Endless Vacation: RCI’s member only magazine  and website to provided a wealth of information and for fellow travelers to share  their vacation talk.
  • RCI Shopping Perks program : RCI points vacations members can earn cash back rewards and enjoy discounts when you shop for qualified everyday purchases online.
  • RCI Travel: the assistance of a knowledgeable travel agent for your travel arrangements to complement your resort vacation.
  • Wyndham Hotel Group Discount:  Great new benefit get up to 20% off the Best Available rate at participating Wyndham Hotel Group properties (more than 7,000 around the world).

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