Our First RCI Points Vacation

Our First RCI Points Vacation

Our First RCI Points Vacation To Canadian Rockies Resort Horsethief Lodge.

Let me introduce myself, My name is Ethan and we bought our first 43000 RCI points from Holiday Max in June 2016 and have just bought another 54000 points in 2017, again from Holiday Max.

This post is about our first RCI points vacation. We live in the United States and were looking for a family-friendly vacation for Fall 2017. Our search quickly narrowed down to the Canadian Rockies as it offers plenty of natural attractions with abundant accommodation options while being only 2.5 hours of flight time from where we live.

There weren’t too many options for 2BR to choose from in the fall but we felt pretty happy with Panorama Vacation Retreat At Horsethief Lodge (#0374). It is a ski resort 2 hours south of Banff National Park.

Our First RCI Points Vacation was A 2BR unit that used 60000 RCI points for 7 nights.

At Our First RCI Points Vacation To Canadian Rockies Resort Horsethief Lodge we were pleasantly surprised when we found out our unit is actually a 2BR with a loft so we had 3 bedrooms instead of just two bedrooms. So all 5 of us got a little bit more room to ourselves comparing to staying in a 2BR unit.

FWIW, it would have cost US $1183.00¢ to book the same room with cash according to the official website which put the 60,000 RCI points at roughly 2¢ per point.

The entrance opens to a staircase which leads to the living room, dining room and kitchen on the 2nd floor. 2nd floor also enjoys a nice sized balcony with fantastic views.

We also enjoyed the fact that there are numerous hot tubs throughout the resort. We were blessed with 2 hot tubs right outside of our front door. A soak in the hot tub in the fall felt like a million bucks.

Each apartment suite also comes with a propane grill. Our grill was set on the balcony on the second floor. Sitting outside on the balcony looking at the night sky while waiting for the chicken wings to grill was easily one of the highlights of our trip.

A wood fireplace in the living room was yet another amenity we really enjoyed. Relaxing in front a crackling fire at night with the family is an experience next to none.

Washer and dryer are conveniently located in the underground garage. Free housekeeping is scheduled on the 4th day of our 7-day stay. Our towels were changed but the bed sheets weren’t changed nor made which was a bit disappointing but not a problem at all.

RCI Points Vacation

Our First RCI Points Vacation To Canadian Rockies Resort Horsethief Lodge

This RCI Points Canada Resort is nestled in the mountains which are connected to the nearest town, Invermere via Toby Creek Road. The drive between Horsethief Lodge Timeshare Resort and the town is roughly 20-25 minutes when there are good conditions.

If you are in for a ski trip, you don’t really have to leave the resort or the town. If it is your first time visiting the Canadian Rockies and want to visit the popular tourist spots and visit as many National Parks as possible, you are probably in for a little drive.

The closest National Park is Kootenay National Park which is about 40 minutes away. Yoho National Park is about 2 hours away. Banff is about 2:15 away and Jasper at about 3:30 away. Lake Louise is also about 2:15 away. In retrospect, given my objective for this trip, I should have stayed the Lake Louise/Banff area.

I will not go on to recommend specific hiking trails as there are so many of them and I felt we have only touched the beauty of the Canadian Rockies.

One thing I know for sure if that we will certainly be back here many more times in the future using our RCI Points we bought from Holiday Max.

So what is planned next with our RCI points?

We really want to visit the Alps late next May. Ideally, we would stay at Chamonix, we also want to get a 3BR at Los Cabos, Mexico for next December (which is the reason why we purchased the additional points). I would probably still go and get a 2BR instead which has a good number of availabilities. I will probably wait until the 2nd quarter of next year to book in case a 3BR does come up.

I have the Scotland Highlands in my mind for 2019 and beyond – both my dad and I are big whiskey guys.

In winter 2019, we might try to score a week at Vail/Aspen, Colorado if we get lucky.

Enjoy these photos of our first RCI Points Vacation and safe traveling. Ethan