RCI Points For Deposit

RCI Points For Deposit

What Is RCI Points For Deposit

What Is RCI Points For Deposit ?  It allows RCI Points members that own a week or weeks at participating RCI resorts that are illegible to bank their week into RCI as a deposit and they will get RCI Points for that deposit.

The RCI Points member can then use those Points  they have deposited in the RCI Points exchange program. This banking is done through the RCI call center and owners should allow around two weeks for the points deposited to go live.

By combining your RCI ownerships in this way (weeks and Points), you can enlarge your RCI Points balance and increase the flexibility of RCI Points membership, increasing your options for vacations and breaks at RCI resorts for which you may not have had enough RCI Points, longer points vacations or even more vacations. This is RCI Points For Deposit

This works even if your week is already banked in the RCI Weeks vacation system, if it is eligible for RCI Points for Deposit, you can still enjoy this points program. You can deposit up to 4 eligible RCI weeks per resort per calendar year to RCI Points through RCI Points for Deposit.

How many Points will I receive with RCI Points For Deposit for my eligible Week?

The number of RCI Points that you’ll get varies as to what you own and unit size, resort quality, time of year and the resort location.

When you bank or deposit your week using RCI Points For Deposit is also a key factor:   The Points you get for your week will be allocated to your your RCI Points Use Year in which the start date of the week you are depositing falls. Bare in mind it can take up to 15 days for your Points to appear in your RCI Points account.

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