RCI Points Fees USA 2018

RCI Points Fees USA 2018

RCI Points Fees USA 2018

RCI Points Fees USA 2018 – Latest Edition From September 2017 Onwards

RCI Points Fees USA 2018. See also RCI Points Fees Canada. At Holiday Max we get asked how much are the fees for RCI Points to make a booking and  “How much does RCI cost?” and here is a list of pretty much every scenario we can think of for RCI Points for reservations, saving points, cruises and more. If you need clarification or help, help is but an email away from Holiday Max, just use the form at the bottom of the page and we will try and get back to you within a few hours.

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RCI Yearly Subscriptions – RCI Points Fees USA 2018

  • RCI Points Subscription Fee 1 year $124
  • RCI Points Subscription Fee 2 years $229
  • RCI Points Subscription Fee 3 years $321
  • RCI Points Subscription Fee 4 years $409
  • RCI Points Subscription Fee 5 years $499

RCI Points Platinum

  • RCI Points Platinum 1 Year $89
  • RCI Points Platinum 2 Year $155
  • RCI Points Platinum 3 Year $221
  • RCI Points Platinum 4 Year $279
  • RCI Points Platinum 5 Year $322

RCI Points Online Exchanges

Holiday Max memberships are ALL live look and instantly book and confirm online to save you $$$. No need to call the Reservation Center unless you want to.

  • Home Week Reservation $ No charge (Use your own week)
  • Home Resort Reservation 7 nights $50 (Use your own resort)
  • RCI Points Reservation 7+ nights $199
  • RCI Points Reservation 14+ nights $278
  • RCI Points Reservation 6 nights $189
  • RCI Points Reservation 5 nights $169
  • RCI Points Reservation 4 nights $129
  • RCI Points Reservation 3 nights $99
  • RCI Points Reservation 2 nights $69
  • RCI Points Reservation 1 nights $49
  • RCI Weeks Reservation 7 nights $239   (ask about Holiday Max dual RCI Point and Weeks memberships)

RCI Points Call Center Exchanges

  • Add $10 to the fees above if you aren’t a Holiday Max member or if you need to call to make your bookings

RCI Last Call, RCI Cruises and More

  • Cruise Exchange 20,000 RCI Points $139
  • Cruise Exchange 40,000 RCI Points $239
  • Last Call Online $269 (St) $294 (1 bed)  $319 (2 bed)
  • Points Partner Air Tickets per ticket $25
  • Points Partner Entertainment Ticket Each $25
  • Points Partner Hotel Rooms $25

Managing Your RCI Points – RCI Points Fees USA 2018

  • Points Saving Fee $26
  • Points Extension Fee (less than 30,000 RCI Points) $85
  • Points Extension Fee (30,000 RCI Points or more) $125
  • RCI Points Rental Fee Per Point $0.03
  • RCI Points for deposit $26
  • Points Partner Program $25 (Air, car, entertainment tickets, hotel room)
  • Guest Certificate $79
  • Borrowing Points No charge

RCI Points Fees USA 2018
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