RCI Points Charts, RCI Points Buyers Guide

RCI Points Charts, RCI Points Buyers Guide

RCI Points Charts

RCI Points Charts and RCI Points Buyers Guide. If you want to have a rough guide to how many RCI Points you need to make a reservation in various locations around the world ask us to mail you our Free RCI Points Charts.

See at a glance how many points you need for 4 people in a one bedroom apartment in June in Las Vegas or maybe 2 weeks in a sleep 10 gold crown resort villa in Hawaii in high season. Holiday Max have RCI Points Charts charts for the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean and for the rest of the World too.

NEW RCI points Buyers Guide 2018 – THIS IS ESSENTIAL READING

Download your NEW free RCI Points Charts & Max RCI Points Buyers & Owners Guide 2018. Use

  • RCI Points Values Charts and brochure RCI Points Brochure 2018, plus special offers. Use the form to get instant access.

What is in the New 2018 RCI Points Buyers Guide. Everything you ever wanted to know about RCI Points from how to buy them (good ones obviously – any fool can buy the bad ones easy enough), how to use your RCI Points, all these myriad of RCI Points benefits you get with a membership, getting a proper full membership without developer or Club ties and restrictions (be wary of the Clubs).

How to browse resort availability, hold bookings while you continue browsing, ways to get massive points booking discounts, screenshots, tips and more.

All about the ownership we offer, the benefits, the protections, the safety nets, the types of ownership, the no trap rules so you can get out anytime or resell them as you wish

In the New RCI Points Buyers Guide there is a quick look Do’s and Don’ts of Buying RCI Points Sheet.

Do’s and Don’ts of Buying RCI Points Sheet.

If you do nothing else in your research read this. It will probably save you $$$$ and reduce your vacation costs

Once you have our Holiday Max RCI Points charts you can work out how far your RCI points will go and how many points would make your ideal ownership.

RCI Points Charts? Why not read some of our RCI points owners posts and see where they have been and how many points used?

Stephanie joined us last year (2016) and has had some phenomenal bookings and made great use of her RCI points. Stephanie owns 68500 RCI points and just look where she has been:

7,500  RCI points  – FLORIDA -Yes, that’s correct! – Fountains resort Orlando Florida 1 week in a 2 bedroom apartment suite. Booked within 2 weeks of travel, right after Christmas for 1 week Jan 10th 2017. This was the best RCI Points booking so far!

13,000 RCI points – VEGAS – Grandview at Las Vegas in Oct 2016 3 nights in a 1 bedroom

14,000 RCI points – VEGAS – Grandview Las Vegas on Nov 2016 3 nights 1 bedroom

18,800 RCI points – GEVC at Lighthouse Point Arena Ca. in March 2017 -2 nights 1 bedroom apartment

16,380 RCI points – Sapphire Resort in San Diego County CA May 2017 3 nights 1 bedroom

13,860 RCI Points – Red Wolf Lakeside Lake Tahoe Nv June 2017 3 nights 1 bedroom apartment

8,000 RCI Points  – Studio apartment Pueblo Bonito Rose Spa & Resort, San Lucas Mexico Nov 2017 1 week 2

Stephanie says “There are little tricks you will learn along the way to get the most out of your RCI Points.” Read some of her posts and try starting with this one about becoming an RCI Points owner

Just starting out and want to know what are RCI Points?. We still think you should read our 2018 New RCI Points Buyers Guide.

RCI Vacation Points are a fluid measure of currency in a timeshare. So in simple terms, you can book anything you like and how much of that RCI Points currency it costs you, is how many points you use on that booking. Easy!

With RCI Points you don’t have the complicated rules of banking years in advance or for worrying if your ownership is good enough to qualify for an exchange where you want to go. Look, book and confirm instantly online or hold for 48 hours with the Holiday Max RCI points membership.

Our RCI Points memberships are all live and you can book online from your membership account on the RCI website.

Search the resort directory for your chosen resort and see the availability and points values needed for each booking. Choose the one/s you want, click and book.

When you are a member the values appear in the resort directory, so if you are looking to buy RCI Points and can’t see that yet, then ask us for one of our RCI Points charts that show you the points values of different resort qualities, times of the year, locations the sizes of apartments.

Once you have a feel for how many points you need then Holiday Max can help you get the best RCI Points for the nice and soft purchase price where you have low yearly costs.

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Ask for our Resort Values Charts or any other help