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What Is RCI Points

What Is RCI Points What Is RCI Points The Holiday Max RCI Points Guide to carefree luxury vacations. What does RCI Points mean to your family? A very exclusive organisation – RCI Points – which has earned an enviable reputation for providing its Members with quality vacation accommodation and service – all at very affordable prices. What Is RCI Points ? It’s…
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Mini RCI Points Vacation California – Stephanie

My Mini RCI Points Vacation California Hello everyone! I am Stephanie, a Holiday Max RCI points owner and want to share my recent Mini RCI Points Vacation experience to Lighthouse Pointe Resort, Point Arena, California. We booked this beautiful resort using our RCI points just a few weeks before going. It was a wonderful getaway. There is nothing…
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RCI Vacation Points

RCI Vacation Points RCI Vacation Points. What Are RCI Vacation Points but a liquid value of what your timeshare is worth. Simplicity itself and as fair as can be. You always get exactly the amount of points your timeshare is worth, to use every year and then it is absolutely up to you, as to…
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How RCI Points Work How To Use RCI Points

How RCI Points Work How To Use RCI Points How RCI Points Work How To Use RCI Points . Simply by becoming a member of RCI Points, you are automatically entitled to the exciting option of taking vacations in literally thousands of luxury resorts all over the world, thanks to RCI’s international vacation exchange program! You can…
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RCI Points Explained. Who Are RCI Points?

RCI Points Explained. Who Are RCI Points? RCI Points explained & Who Are RCI Points? By Holiday Max RCI Points Explained. Who Are RCI Points?. What Are RCI Points and what does RCI Points mean to your family? Your RCI Points Guide to carefree luxury vacations and short breaks. A very exclusive organisation – RCI Points – which…
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RCI Points Fees USA 2017

RCI Points Fees USA. We get asked "How much does RCI cost?" and here is a list of most scenarios we can think of .

If you need clarification or help, help is but an email away from Holiday Max, just use the form at the bottom of the page and we will try and get back to you within a few hours.

RCI Points Exchange Fees

Holiday Max memberships are ALL live look and instantly book and confirm online. No need to call the Reservation Center unless you want to.

  • Home Week Reservation $ No charge (Use your own week)
  • Home Resort Reservation 7 nights $50 (Use your own resort)
  • RCI Points Reservation 14+ nights $278
  • RCI Points Reservation 7+ nights $189
  • RCI Points Reservation 6 nights $179
  • RCI Points Reservation 5 nights $159
  • RCI Points Reservation 4 nights $119
  • RCI Points Reservation 3 nights $99
  • RCI Points Reservation 2 nights $69
  • RCI Points Reservation 1 nights $49
  • RCI Weeks Reservation 7 nights $230   (ask about Holiday Max dual RCI Point and Weeks memberships)

RCI Last Call Fees, RCI Cruise Fees and More

  • Cruise Exchange 20,000 RCI Points $130
  • Cruise Exchange 40,000 RCI Points $230
  • Last Call Online $269 Studios /Hotel Rooms
  • Last Call Online $294 1 bedroom suites
  • Last Call Online $319 2 bedroom suites
  • Points Partner Air Tickets per ticket $25 (Call Center $52)
  • Points Partner Car Hire (per car) $25 (Call Center $52)
  • Points Partner Entertainment Ticket Each $25 (Call Center $52)
  • Points Partner Hotel Rooms $25 (Call Center $52)

Fees For Managing Your RCI Points

  • Points Saving Fee $26
  • Points Extension Fee (less than 30,000 RCI Points) $75
  • Points Extension Fee (30,000 RCI Points or more) $115
  • RCI Points Rental Fee Per Point $0.03
  • Points For Deposit Fee $26
  • Guest Certificate $69
  • Membership Transfer Application (MTA) $98. See below for additional costs.
  • Network Dues and/or an enrollment fee may be required in addition to the MTA processing fee.
  • Borrowing Points No charge

Ask About RCI Points

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RCI Points owner – My Name Is Stephanie

RCI Points owner - My Name Is Stephanie I would like to share some of my life experiences with you in regards to timeshares and vacations, before and after I became an RCI Points Owner. My curiosity with Timeshares started over 30 years ago, when timeshares were quite different, before becoming an RCI Points Owner Timeshare was…
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RCI Points Vs RCI Weeks

RCI Points Vs RCI Weeks RCI Points Vs RCI Weeks, Compare RCI Points, Get Points Charts, Buy RCI Points. You can do all of this from this website. Checkout our RCI Points Vs RCI Weeks chart and see all the fabulous benefits you get when you buy RCI points. Looking to buy RCI Points? See our RCI Points special…
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Buying RCI Points Wisely

Buying RCI Points Wisely. Buying RCI Points Wisely . Get the best RCI Points for YOU. Buy a low Management fee RCI Points ownership through Holiday Max. Save Money on every vacation. Buying RCI Points Wisely - Holiday Max - The Right Way To Buy RCI Points Buying RCI Points Wisely - Buy RCI Points…
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Quick RCI Points Guide

Quick RCI Points Guide Quick RCI Points Guide - Maximize your holiday options with RCI Points! If you are a first time RCI Points Timeshare buyer and want to go straight into RCI Points, leading timeshare exchange system, nothing could be simpler. Let Holiday Max know what your vacation requirements or budget are and we…
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RCI Points Charts

RCI Points Charts. RCI Points Charts and RCI Points Values Charts. If you want to have a rough guide to how many RCI Points you need to make a reservation in various locations around the world ask us to mail you our Free RCI Points Charts. We have RCI Points Charts For Booking Values around…
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What Are RCI Timeshare Points?

What Are RCI Timeshare Points? What are RCI Timeshare Points? RCI timeshare points or vacation points are a fluid way of owning a timeshare and your vacations. Revolutionary RCI Points make ownership much fairer and more beneficial to the timeshare owner than ever before. When you buy a week of timeshare you own a share…
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RCI Points Platinum

RCI Points Platinum What Is RCI Points Platinum? RCI Points Platinum is the top level membership tier in RCI Points. In RCI Points Platinum there are three areas of benefits to give you that vacation and membership advantage. RCI Points Platinum Upgrades And Changes. Move on up to a larger or more luxurious apartment at the…
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RCI Points For Deposit

What Is RCI Points For Deposit What Is RCI Points For Deposit ?  It allows RCI Points members that own a week or weeks at participating RCI timeshare resorts that are illegible to bank their week into RCI as a deposit and they will get RCI Points for that deposit. The RCI Points member can then use those Points…
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What do I get for my RCI points?

What do I get for my RCI points? By Stephanie Hello Fellow Travelers, Stephanie an RCI Points Owner Here Once More Sharing More of my RCI Points Travels with you. What do I get for my RCI points? Lets find out. I've been sharing my excitement of being an RCI Points owner with all my Friends and Family,…
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