How RCI Points Work How To Use RCI Points

How RCI Points Work How To Use RCI Points

How RCI Points Work How To Use RCI Points

How RCI Points Work How To Use RCI Points. Simply by joining RCI Points, you are automatically entitled to the exciting option of taking vacations in literally thousands of luxury resorts all over the world, thanks to RCI’s international vacation exchange program!

You can browse the online RCI Directory of resorts and see the availability live with how many points you need to make your booking. You can book instantly online or simply call up the RCI Central Reservations Office and tell them which local or far-flung destination you wish to explore and if it’s available the trip you require will then be booked for you – right down to the last detail, if you wish!

How RCI Points Work How To Use RCI Points. RCI Points, how do they work?

RCI POINTS HOW DO THEY WORK? How RCI Points Work How To Use RCI Points

The RCI timeshare points system is like a bank for your vacation currency. Thanks to a complex computer operation, owners of vacation time periods (usually one or more weeks) from around the world can ’deposit’ their weeks into the exchange ’bank’, and make a ’withdrawal’ of someone else’s deposited weeks. So, at any one time, there are tens of thousands of weeks available for you to choose from.

For instance, an owner of a prime week in a 2 bedroom Lake side apartment in Quaysiders Resort in England may fancy a week in Las Vegas, but they don’t have to wait until they find a Vegas owner of similarly rated property who is looking for a Lake side apartment!

RCI simply takes a week from its own ’bank’ of accommodation (representing your RCI Vacation Points) and it will be used to secure the week of your choice through the RCI Points exchange organisation. You can be sure of the same guaranteed quality standards throughout your vacation.

Your Holiday Max RCI points exchange vacation puts luxury resorts in exotic locations within easy reach!

How RCI Points Work How To Use RCI Points as well as  Do RCI Points Work How To Use RCI Points to improve your vacations and save you money

RCI points how much do they cost in points? RCI points how much are they worth in points?

That depends on some of these varying factors:

The major advantage of Holiday Max RCI Points is the flexibility of choice, allowing you to choose how to spend your points:

  • WHERE you want to visit. RCI Resorts Directory Online shows just how wide a selection of top quality resorts is available to you
  • HOW LONG you want to  be away. Most resorts work on vacations of a week at a time, but quite a number offer the greater flexibility of mid-week and weekend breaks, or even by the day if that suits your lifestyle better.
  • WHEN you want to travel. You are free to travel at any time of year you choose, and for added convenience, varying check-in days at resorts allow you the option to arrive on the day that suits you best
  • UNIT SIZE. Whether you want a romantic hideaway for two, a family vacation or a party venue for friends, it’s entirely up to you.
  • RESORT FACILITIES AND LOCATION. A retired couple will have very different needs from parents with young children, Cities are different to beach or ski locations and RCI can always provide the perfect solution.

How Far Will My RCI Points Go? What do I get for my RCI points?

The same amount of RCI Points will get you one or two large vacations or a lot of shorter ones, depending on what suits you best.

What are RCI Points? See our post Choose RCI Points Type That Works Best For You
Think of your RCI Points as a type of inflation-proof ’currency’. You will see that within the system, the ’price’ of your vacation depends on:

  • The resort and it’s RCI quality award
  • The type and size of accommodation
  • The time of year.

One of the greatest benefits of your new RCI Points ’currency’ is that the purchasing value of your Points never decreases!

How many RCI Points do I need for a vacation booking?
Whilst in your RCI membership login to the RCI resort directory,  when you are choosing a resort it will show the available RCI points values and available types of units. So when you then select your chosen unit to view, it displays the exact RCI points amount needed for a booking. Simply click select unit to make your booking using your points. Our Holiday Max RCI Points memberships have live look and book in the membership.

Get 79000 RCI Points with a low management fee of $599 included for 2017 and the cost to own is just $3495 from Holiday Max.

How do we get our RCI Points each year?
Your original RCI Points Points allocation will be credited to you automatically each year, which you own. Should you wish to take more vacations, there’s no limit to the number of extra Points you can purchase from us at Holiday Max any time you choose. Over 30% of our owners go on to buy more RCI Points from us. Ask us about the different types of points ownerships.

Is there any way we can extend our RCI Points vacations?
If you have a special occasion coming up, or you simply feel you deserve a good, long rest, then it is possible to double this year’s vacation, subject to certain conditions, by borrowing all your Points from next year, OR by saving up all or some of this year’s allocation and ’using’ them on a longer vacation next year. You can also rent more points for the current year, ask us for more information on great ways to own RCI Points.

What will our RCI Points Membership cost us from Holiday Max?

How Many RCI Points in the ownership you purchase will naturally determine the cost of your initial purchase, giving you Membership of RCI Points.

How RCI Points Work How To Use RCI Points next, Buying RCI Points wisely from Holiday Max

How to buy rci points timeshare

We have memberships from 25,000 RCI points that cost $1495, including all purchase fees, closing costs and RCI memberships. That’s the price to own. You can  just hand them back, so they are very owner friendly.

Our Weeks as RCI Points have a management fee track record of not having risen above inflation in 15 years. Ask us for the deal that suits you best, we have the best RCI points prices on the web and are keen to serve you well now and in the future.

How RCI Points Work How To Use RCI Points. How Much Do they cost?

How Much Do RCI points Cost?

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