How Much Do RCI Points Cost?

How Much Do RCI Points Cost?

How Much Do RCI Points Cost?

How Much Do RCI Points Cost? From this page, you can get all our Holiday Max RCI Points prices and special offers, plus RCI Fees for USA, Canada, UK, Australia. So please do read on!

Holiday Max Best Seller Cost. Let’s start with our best seller which is for 67,500 RCI points and the cost to own is $2,245 which is fully inclusive of all ownership and closing costs, administration, RCI points setup, membership and enrollment. The ownership is forever but can be handed back anytime. Price includes the yearly MF (means maintenance or management fee or yearly dues) which all resorts have of course.

We have Points Memberships with 12000 RCI Points cost is $1,391 with a management fee of   $159, we even have memberships that start with just 9000 RCI Points and these can be used for RCI Points for deposit where you can bank your weeks into an RCI Points account from your RCI weeks account (USA & Canada) or for renting extra points. These are great if you own a week and just want a points account, but accounts that have just

With RCI Points the cost depends on how many points you have to what the costs are in relation to the points.

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Generally the better the ratio of points to your management fees, the more money you will save every time you use your RCI points. At Holiday Max we specialize in RCI Points that will save you money year after year, that will pay for themselves in savings. You just need to buy the right RCI points type to suit how YOU want to use them and then joy and happiness along with those savings will follow. How much do those RCI Points Cost? A lot less than you might think.

At Holiday Max we don’t just sell one RCI Points type that we make you think is great as other sellers do, rather we have the total range of points and you can then get the one that has the most benefits for YOU.

If you aren’t sure, you really should ask us as it can save you a fortune, now and in the future especially if you are looking at Club style branded RCI Points where the Clubs interests are generally better for the Club than for you (we won’t sell them). You can start low and add more as you go, they always work seamlessly together. We even let you change the amount of RCI Points you own, upwards and downwards, so long as you bought them thru us at Holiday Max.

Holiday Max RCI Points For Sale Price List

See our latest RCI Points Offer Prices for every ownership and membership type including special offers and hot deals

Holiday Max RCI Points Offers For Sale – All types

Holiday Max RCI Points Price Comparison Tables

See these Holiday Max Pricing Pages to compare offers and ownership types

RCI Pure Points Prices (just points)

RCI Platinum Points Prices

RCI Platinum Premium Prices

3 Year RCI Points Trial Prices


Another Holiday Max RCI Points top seller cost is 56,500 RCI Points for $2,245 and $660 yearly MF (Management fees). Ready to start using in around just 6 weeks.

How much do RCI Points cost? A popular starter is 25,000 RCI Pure Points for $1,715 and just $344 MF (management fees).

Larger and smaller RCI Points options are available to suit. we’ll give you our best closest offer to your budget and points amount. See

How Much Do RCI Points Cost With Holiday Max? Why Holiday Max Are RCI Points Specialists.

Here at Holiday Max RCI Points, we give a full 14 day cooling off period, cancellation is not a problem with us and you can buy anytime you want under no pressure! There are no presentations to attend, no sales pitch and no stress. Email us and get the best advice and join our thousands of happy owners at your leisure from your own home. All paperwork is sent thru the post when you are ready.

How Much Do RCI Points Cost In Terms Of RCI Fees?

RCI Points Membership & RCI Points Platinum Costs – RCI has a membership fee every year and you can make this cheaper by paying for more years at once if you live in the USA or Canada, if you are elsewhere in the World you can only pay by the year. Then you can have an optional RCI Points Platinum membership upgrade every year and we have some owners that rave over it and others that simply didn’t use platinum, read our post or ask and we can tell you whether it is for you.

RCI Points Reservation Fee & Other Costs – RCI has a reservation fee depending on the length of your stay, ranging from a day to two weeks and more, guest certificates and other benefits costs. See the relevant pages for your fees:

RCI Points Fees USA 2018

RCI Points Fees Canada 2018

RCI Points Fees UK 2018

RCI Points Fees Australia New Zealand 2018

How Much Do RCI Points Cost With Holiday Max? Far less than they cost if you buy new through a resort or presentation if we are just comparing purchase cost

Why Does Holiday Max Specialize In RCI Points?

RCI Points are the leading brand of timeshare vacation points. The Top Dog in timeshare RCI has over 30 years of being the timeshare front-runner and having the most resorts and the most members Worldwide. See How to buy RCI Points

RCI is a safe bet for the long term as they only supply you with the service of RCI Points. Other lesser Vacation Clubs could leave you more vulnerable to their own internal pricing structures and annual fee structures. Because RCI Don’t own the resort you are using for RCI Points they won’t ever have a conflict of interests. So we have chosen to be with RCI as they have been rock solid for us for over 30 years!

Ask Yourself “What Are My RCI Points Motivations?” Answer in a word, “fun”.

Be clever about your ownership, done right you can have years and years of really excellent vacations, saving loads of money and having all that fun.

Buy the best, get the best deal by buying thru Holiday Max, be happy hereafter. Lets recap:-

Choose a stable RCI Gold Crown resort, with a long track record of excellence and low management fees to service costs we change it into RCI Points and you have a winner for the long term. Choose one of our great offers and save yourself up to 80% of buying at a presentation.

How Much Do RCI Points Cost With Holiday Max? Much less than elsewhere! Ask us for our latest special offers

We always say that a good RCI Points ownership should pay for itself in savings over the first few years you own it. See for yourself or ask for our help and guidance to get the right one for you.