What Is RCI Points

What Is RCI Points

What Is RCI Points

What Is RCI Points Worldwide RCI Points. The Holiday Max RCI Points Guide to carefree luxury vacations. What do RCI Points mean to your family?

A very exclusive organization – RCI Points – which has earned an enviable reputation for providing its Members with quality vacation accommodation and service – all at very affordable prices.

It’s a tried and trusted vacation system, which is expanding into new resorts in new countries all the time. One of the best aspects of RCI Points Membership is that the RCI system is infinitely flexible, to suit you and your needs for each and every vacation and a new phase of your life.

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Another is that you can be confident that every vacation will be a success because, in co-operation with RCI, you have personally tailored it to your own very individual taste!

For instance, depending on the size of your party, you can request accommodation ranging from studios (normally sleeping 2) up to 4 bedroom apartment suites (sleeping up to 12).

Also, in the future, whenever your family sets off on an RCI Points vacation, you have the great advantage of knowing exactly what to expect at your resort destination in the way of sports and leisure facilities with no nagging doubts about whether some member of the family will be disappointed.

In fact, the only problem with an RCI Points vacation is deciding which of the fabulous resorts on offer you are going to choose!

Not only have you got the whole of the RCI Resorts Weeks portfolio to choose from, but also – thanks to RCI’s Points vacation exchange program  – you have literally thousands of other extra Members weeks of equal standards, in some of the world’s most exotic locations.

As an RCI Points Member, it is your privilege to request a booking at any RCI affiliated resorts at any time of the year or size of the unit. You can look and book online instantly with the Holiday Max RCI Points memberships. These are Worldwide RCI Points.

If you are an RCI weeks owner already  in the USA you can use RCI Points For Deposit

As you read this,  What IS RCI Points guide, the more delighted you will be with your decision to join RCI Points through us at Holiday Max, and the more you will learn how to make the most of a lifetime of fun-filled, carefree vacations!

Holiday Max is a much-respected  RCI Points seller established 30 years ago when we started out as Greenhill Marketing onsite at Cwm Chwefru & Haven Court resorts.

Naturally, as a prospective RCI Points Member, you may want to see every aspect of the RCI Points System shown to you, step by easy step, to ensure that you take maximum advantage of the amazing opportunities on offer.

What Is RCI Points?

You can send us a message for any help on RCI Points you want us to elaborate on. As you grow more familiar with the points system and really want to spread your wings, then rest assured, whatever your family’s holiday dreams, RCI Points can provide a tailor-made solution to make them all come true!

 What Is RCI Points? – RCI Points Explained.

As a prospective RCI Points member you are bound to have a lot of questions:

  • When is the best time for a week of skiing in France or Canada?
  • Where’s the most economic destination for guaranteed winter sunshine?
  • How do I arrange a midweek break?

Well, just a phone call away,the friendly, highly trained RCI vacation consultants are on hand with all the answers, and to help arrange every aspect of your trip, as well as giving you the latest, up-to-the-minute news on RCI new resort locations, and the availability of weekend or midweek breaks and late break discounts.

Of course you can book instantaneously in your live online RCI Points account from Holiday Max without having to call an RCI call center.

What Is RCI Points – Who Are RCI Points? How Do I Buy RCI Points? Worldwide RCI Points Vacations

RCI Points is the World’s leading vacation points network. RCI Points Members enjoy all the value-for-money advantages of timeshare vacation points ownership, at private resorts worldwide along with the utmost in flexibility and choice.

What Is RCI Points – Who is RCI?

RCI is the oldest holiday exchange, now established over 40 years – the World’s Premier Exchange Company. With timeshare weeks in more than 1,300 resorts in Europe, 4000 resorts in over 100 different countries Worldwide. The good news is that much of the resort inventory is available for RCI members to choose from for their vacations. You can even use RCI Points For Deposit if you are an existing RCI Weeks owner in the USA so long as you get an RCI Points membership.

At RCI their mission is to offer members and their families a world of holiday opportunities and a lifetime of memories. Their highly trained and professional staff are dedicated to making your vacation planning stress free.

All you have to do is relax and enjoy every minute of your vacation!

Using your RCI points all over the World

RCI points how to use it?
Simply by joining RCI Points, you are automatically entitled to the exciting option of taking vacations in literally thousands of luxury resorts all over the world, thanks to RCI’s international vacation exchange program.

Holiday Max let you log in to the RCI website with your RCI points membership where you can browse the RCI Directory of resorts online and see the availability live, with how many points you need to make your booking.

You can book instantly online or simply call up the RCI center and tell them which local or far-flung destination you wish to explore and if it’s available the trip you require will then be booked for you – right down to the last detail if you wish!

What Is RCI Points and how do they work?

The RCI timeshare vacation points system could be compared to a bank. Thanks to a powerful computer operation, owners of vacation time periods (usually one or more weeks) from around the world can ’deposit’ their weeks into the exchange ’bank’, and make a ’withdrawal’ of someone else’s deposited weeks. Therefore, at any one time, there are thousands of weeks available for you to choose from.

For instance, an owner of a prime week in a 2 bedroom beachside apartment in Florida may fancy a week in Scotland, but they don’t have to wait until they find a Scottish owner of a similarly rated property who is looking for hot sunshine!

RCI simply takes a week from its own ’bank’ of accommodation (representing your Points) and it will be used to secure the week of your choice through the exchange organization. Even though you are travelling outside the RCI resorts, you can be sure of the same guaranteed quality standards throughout your vacation.

Your RCI points timeshare puts luxury resorts in exotic locations within easy reach!

How will rci points exchange program improve our vacations?

RCI points how much are they worth?

That depends on some of these factors:

The major advantage of Club Membership is the flexibility of choice, allowing you to choose how to spend your points:

WHERE you want to visit. RCI Resorts Directory Online shows just how wide a selection of top quality resorts is available to you

HOW LONG you want to be away. Most resorts work on vacations of a week at a time, but quite a number offer the greater flexibility of mid-week and weekend breaks, or even by the day if that suits your lifestyle better.

WHEN you want to travel. You are free to travel at any time of year you choose, and for added convenience, varying check-in days at resorts allow you the option to arrive on the day that suits you best

UNIT SIZE. Whether you want a romantic hideaway for two, a family vacation or a party venue for friends, it’s entirely up to you.

RESORT FACILITIES AND LOCATION. A retired couple will have very different needs from parents with young children, Cities are different to beach or ski locations and RCI can always provide the perfect solution.

How far will RCI Points go?

Ask us for our RCI Points reservation values charts

The same amount of Points will get you one or two large holidays or several shorter ones, depending on what suits you best.

 What IS RCI Points?
Think of your Points as a type of inflation-proof ’currency’. You will see that within the system, the ’price’ of your holiday depends on

  • The resort and its quality award
  • The type and size of accommodation
  • The time of year.

And one of the greatest benefits of your new ’currency’ is that the purchasing value of your Points never decreases!

How many RCI Points do I need for a booking?
In the resort directory when you are choosing a resort it will show the available points range and available types of units and when you then select your unit to view it displays the exact points amount needed for a booking. Simply click the select unit to make your booking using your points.

How do we get our RCI Points each year?
Your original RCI Points Points allocation will be credited to you automatically each year, which you own. Should you wish to take more holidays, there’s no limit to the number of extra Points you can purchase from us at Time Travellers any time you choose. Over 30% of our owners go on to buy more RCI Points from us. Ask us about the different types of points ownerships.

Is there any way we can extend our RCI Points holidays?
If you have a special occasion coming up, or you simply feel you deserve a good, long rest, then it is possible to double this year’s holiday, subject to certain conditions, by borrowing all your Points from next year, OR by saving up all or some of this year’s allocation and ’using’ them on a longer holiday next year. You can also rent more points for the current year, ask us for more information on great ways to own RCI Points.

What will our RCI Points Membership cost us from Holiday Max?
The number of Points in the Membership category you purchase will naturally determine the cost of your initial purchase, giving you Membership of RCI Points.

How to buy rci points timeshare? We have pure points memberships from 25,000 RCI points that cost $1495, including all purchase fees, closing costs and RCI memberships (maintenance fee billed by RCI).

RCI Weeks used as RCI Points every year start at just $1995 including first-years management fee and all costs to own

That’s the price to own until 2065.

You can resell our weeks as points ownerships or even just hand them back, so they are very owner friendly. Better our Points have a management fee track record. Ask us for the deal that suits you best, we have the best RCI points prices on the web and are keen to serve you well now and in the future.

Thereafter, to maintain your Club Membership, you will also pay your annual RCI Membership fee and a strictly controlled annual management charge. Broadly speaking, your initial RCI Membership is linked to the overall cost of construction and development of existing RCI resorts, while the annual management charge covers the on-going maintenance costs.

RCI points lowest maintenance fees – luckily when you choose to buy from us at Holiday Max you have our very low and safe management fees that have a long track record of good management and low costs.
Except for obvious costs incurred during your actual stay at a resort those are the only costs involved in your continuing Membership of RCI, as long as your vacation at an RCI resort.

Sounds brilliant? Read on and you’ll find that all things are possible, thanks to your RCI Points Membership.

How to make the most of your RCI Points

As an RCI Points Member, you’ll want to know how to get the maximum benefit from owning your RCI Points. In this part of your guide, we’ve taken each aspect and explained it in detail. However, if you still have any further queries after reading this guide, remember our helpful RCI Points specialists are ready with all the answers by sending us a quick email or using our contact form. Once you understand the RCI Points system, you will agree that this is the ideal way to create a tailor-made personal holiday – in the comfort of your own home!

Using your Points

Let’s say that the total number of Points you have is your yearly ’holiday budget’. First, you must decide whether you want to ’use’ all of it on one long holiday or, if you have enough Points available, split your ’budget’ into, say, one week in the sun and a couple of shorter breaks?

The following decisions will then govern how much of your ’budget’ you will need:

Which location and which resort? Every resort in the RCI system has its own Points Values.

What time of year? Each resort’s Points Values reflects low to high seasonal demand periods

What size accommodation? This will depend on how many people are going on this particular holiday. You can choose from a range of unit sizes

What type of resort do you want? This aspect is based on such factors as how many sports and leisure facilities are on site? Is there a golf course? Is the accommodation exceptionally luxurious? etc.

How many weeks or days will you be away? The amount of Points you will need to use depends on the length of your holiday. If you now look at a resorts values, you will see that all the above factors are listed, with each resort unit being allocated a number of RCI Points for each week in the year, making it easy for you to work out how many Points you need to ’use’ to have the holiday of your dreams!

Don’t forget

As a Member of RCI Points, the following options are open to you:

It’s up to you whether you use your Points on one big or several smaller holidays

You can save up your unused Points each year to use for more holiday choices in the future

You can borrow Points a whole year in advance for a longer holiday in the current year

You can purchase additional Points at any time at the best rates with the lowest of management fees, best of all, there is no restriction on the resorts, accommodation size, time of year or any other aspect.

You can rent additional points from another RCI points member through specialist sites such as Holiday Max, so long as you have one of our full RCI Points memberships, but you will find our cost for buying more points will save you so much more money to own them and pay the smaller management fee.

In other words, each of your future holidays can be a whole new experience!

What Is RCI Points Values?

Your Resorts Points Example Values Chart and how to use it
When you are ready to plan your holiday simply look in your online RCI Points account or use your Resorts Points Chart Values Estimator, it’s all really very easy, if you follow the steps detailed below.

Each resort and unit within the Club has been graded and has a fixed number of Points allocated to it for the entire year. From purely practical to absolutely fabulous! Each resort Points total is inflation-proof, thus guaranteeing that your RCI Points always retain their value for years to come. Naturally, you will have to ’use’ more Points to holiday at a Five Key RCI Gold Crown resort for the equivalent accommodation and time of year than you will at resorts with other Key values because the number of Keys is awarded according to the standard of accommodation and range of leisure facilities.

How to use your RCI Points Chart Values Examples

Step 1 – Decide on WHEN you want to go on holiday

Step 2 – From the Resorts Points Values, choose which AREA and QUALITY you wish to stay in and the quality level (Top is Gold Crown, then Silver Crown, then Hospitality or Standard)

Step 3 – Decide on WHAT SIZE UNIT you need.

Step 4 – Now look down the relevant column until you reach the same level as your chosen steps 1,2 and 3. This tells you the number of RCI Points you need for your holiday week!

Your RCI Points reservations made easy!

This section of the guide tells you everything you need to know about actually booking your holiday, as well as explaining how you can arrange a longer holiday. For instance, as a Member, you may use your RCI Points in any of the following ways:

Either: use ALL of this year’s Points to holiday THIS year
OR: use SOME of this year’s Points to holiday THIS year and carry over any UNUSED Points for FUTURE* use
OR: save ALL of this year’s Points to use to extend your FUTURE” holidays
OR: borrow Points from NEXT year to extend your holidays THIS year
OR: rent more Points year to extend your holidays THIS year
AND: save up to 50% on holiday Points values with Late Break Reservations!

Requesting a reservation
Reservation requests can be made at any time up to 12 months (or 24 months) in advance, depending on your Membership* category.

The holiday year

During your first year of Membership, your Points will be issued to you for the year in which you purchase when your purchase clears and goes live. Then, on the anniversary of each subsequent year, your annual allocation of RCI Points will be credited to your account and will always equal the amount of Point you own – PLUS any unused Points from the previous year of course.

Saving RCI Points for the future

For any number of reasons, Members may decide to use less than their full allocation of Points in any one year. For instance, you may not be able to take a holiday during the current year, or it may not be convenient to use up all your Points. Or perhaps it would suit you better to use some of this year’s Points to give yourselves an extended holiday next year.

All or any unused Points you accumulate in a given year will automatically be saved for use in the following year and added to your annual Points allocation on the renewal date. Then, based on your Membership* category, you can use these saved Points up later to enhance your future holidays. You can also rent your points to another RCI Points owner

Saving RCI Points for the future

There are so many factors which may alter our holiday requirements. Maybe this year someone in the family has a special birthday or anniversary? Or maybe this year is the ’special year’ you promised each other an extra week’s break on some romantic, faraway island?

All you have to do is explain your plans when you are requesting your reservation, remembering that the request to borrow up to 100% of next year’s Points must be made at the same time. Please note that if you take the option to borrow Points for use in the current year, you must use them before the end of the year.

Mid-week and weekend breaks

Many of the RCI resort destinations offer short breaks, in addition to traditional week-long holidays, which is ideal when you fancy a special treat or simply want to get away for a few precious days rest. The Points Values Online or your RCI Holiday Co-ordinator will tell you which resorts offer this facility, together with the number of Points needed.

Late Break or Last Call Reservations

If you are lucky enough to have the freedom of movement to take advantage of them, Late Breaks and Last Call Reservations can save you as much as 50% or more of the listed Points value! What you are getting is a choice of the unreserved space available to date at the RCI resorts, and naturally, the selection is much wider during the off-peak seasons.
Late Break discounts are as follows:
Reservations made within 0-14 days of arrival date 15-30 days 31-45 days
50% discount 25% discount 10% discount

Check-in / out days

These vary from one resort to another but are mainly Friday to Friday or Saturday to Saturday. Please see the individual resort listings or the Points Table for details. If you will be arriving late or leaving early, please ensure you notify the individual resort reception beforehand.

RCI Membership – benefits and services

RCI’s first and foremost job is to deliver to you and your family a lifetime of memorable holidays. In addition to the many holiday choices available as a RCI Member you also have an expanding selection of benefits and services. All Members at all levels receive the following benefits:
Travel Benefits & Discounts Whenever you are ready to book your RCI holiday, you know that, as a Member, your Holiday Co-ordinator will be happy to offer you any available savings in car hire, bargain flights, holiday insurance etc,
International Exchange Programme Thanks to your Membership of RCI, you can spread your wings almost anywhere in the world – via the thousands of resorts available through the international exchange programme. Ask your Holiday Co-ordinator for details of availability of resorts in the area you want to visit.
On-site Resort Activity Programmes Whichever resort you choose to visit, whether in the RCI portfolio or through the international exchange programme, you are entitled to the full benefits* of whatever on-site entertainment and activities are available at your holiday resort destination.
RCI Newsletter Periodically, you will be sent a copy of the colourful Club newsletter, full of useful information on making the most of special discounts, together with the latest developments on new resorts which have joined the Club portfolio
The following Membership benefits depend on your Membership category.
Advance Booking Privileges As can be seen from the chart, every RCI Member can make their holiday reservation up to 12 to 24 months prior to their departure date depending on their Membership category.
Advance Points Saving Privileges All Members can save Points