What do I get for my RCI points?

What do I get for my RCI points?

What do I get for my RCI points? By Stephanie

Hello Fellow Travelers, Stephanie an RCI Points Owner Here Again

Sharing More RCI Points Travels with you. What do I get for my RCI points? Lets find out.

I’ve been sharing my excitement of being an RCI Points owner with all my Friends and Family, a few of which have also decided to purchase RCI points from Rob at Holiday Max and Quaysiders resort.

What do I get for my RCI points - Florida With RCI points
Fountains Resort Florida With RCI points – Lounge

They have seen how much fun we have had traveling over the past 9 months with our new RCI Points membership.

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is, “what do I get for my RCI points?” or “What is the dollar value of my points?

It’s easy to see how RCI Points turn into vacations or getaways and just how far  your points can go.  Well now,  I’d like to give a few examples of the trips we have either already taken, or that we have confirmed for this year.  That way you can get an idea on RCI Points values.

So, What do I get for my RCI points?  I own 68500 RCI Points a year and here are where I have booked and been to so far with them:

  • Grandview at Las Vegas in Oct 2016 3 nights in a 1 bedroom

    13,000 RCI points
  • Grandview Las Vegas in Nov 2016 3 nights 1 bedroom

    14,000 RCI points
  • Fountains resort Orlando Florida 1 week in a 2 bedroom apartment suite

    just  7,500 RCI points! Yes, that’s correct!
  • We booked within 2 weeks of travel, right after Christmas for 1 week Jan 10th 2017. This was the best RCI Points booking so far!
  • GEVC at Lighthouse Point Arena Ca. in March 2017 -2 nights 1 bedroom apartment

    18,800 RCI points.

As you can see so far we have only used 53,300 points, so if you book wisely your points can go a long ways.

What do I get for my RCI points
Fountains Resort Florida With RCI points – Master Bedroom

There are little tricks you will learn along the way to get the most out of your RCI Points.

  • Sapphire Resort in San Diego County CA May 2017 3 nights 1 bedroom

    16,380 RCI points
  • Red Wolf lakeside Lake Tahoe Nv June 2017 3 nights 1 bedroom apartment

    13,860 RCI Points
  • Pueblo Bonito Rose Spa & Resort, San Lucas Mexico Nov 2017 1 week 2

    8,000 RCI Points Studio apartment

Before you know it, your points  renew for the next ‘RCI use year’and you get a whole new world of vacations available all over again!

Now if your preference  is to book your RCI Points vacations further in advance, for a “Sure Thing” at a prime RCI Points Resort destination, you may use more points.

Hey don’t worry, there are still lots more perks to being an RCI Points member.  You have access to “extra” vacations, where no RCI points are used at all.



RCI Special Offers On Extra Weeks Without Using Your RCI points

With some RCI specials you have access to some great resorts that will have a week available for as little as $199.00 per week! That’s less than $29 per night and you don’t use any of your points.  We are not talking about Motel 6 accommodations (Trust me I’ve stayed in my fair share of motel  6’s) these are fully furnished, well appointed timeshare apartment suites.

You get endless possibilities to explore new places you may have normally not been able to afford.

The Rci directory is addictive, the inventory changes daily and its fun just browsing at RCI Points destinations.

So What do I get for my RCI points? Rather a lot!

Get ready to start your RCI Points adventure!

Have fun!


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Stephanie owns 68500 RCI Points a year that she bought from Holiday Max thru Quaysiders RCI Gold Crown Resort. Ask us about similar great offers.

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