What Are RCI Timeshare Points?

What Are RCI Timeshare Points?

What Are RCI Timeshare Points?

What are RCI Timeshare Points? RCI Timeshare Points are a fair value for getting a vacation booking without the complex rules and ownership restrictions of the older RCI weeks system. Any size apartment, Any RCI resort, Any time of year that is available that you have enough points for.

Revolutionary RCI Points make ownership much fairer and more beneficial to the timeshare owner than ever before.

Simply own enough RCI timeshare points to go on the vacations of your choice and the World is your oyster.

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Best Type Of RCI Points To Own

When you buy a week of timeshare you own a share of a vacation resort, whilst ensuring luxury, amenities, and location. However, make sure you buy the right one and the right one for your expectations or it may be difficult to exchange and get what you want, this is why RCI Points are so popular with owners.

What Is A Points Timeshare?

So, what is a vacation points timeshare then? Timeshares are generally a week of the year owned by deed, with the resort shared among the other owners, not just of that particular villa or apartment, but usually of the whole timeshare resort.

The idea is that once you have bought your share or shares and own them, then you only have to maintain their upkeep every year by paying a maintenance fee (yearly dues) and no longer have to pay expensive rents when you go on vacation.

When you buy a week it has a trading power depending on the time of year, the popularity of the resort, the quality rating, location, amenities and services and so on. When you are in RCI Points that is measured by a specific value in points, called RCI Points.

RCI Timeshare Points Set Your Free

So when you are in RCI Timeshare Points you are free of all the old timeshare rules and regulations of what you can or can’t exchange into, how early you banked your week and all those other rules that weigh your chances down.

RCI Timeshare Points, what’s it all about? RCI Timeshare Points is best described as a currency for timeshare. Rather than have all the variants of seasons, week numbers, unit sizes, resort facilities, grades and location, all coupled to how far in advance you decide to put your timeshare up for exchange with RCI, you just have a value in points, called RCI Points. You get a fresh issue of these points to use as you wish every year.

Your RCI  timeshare points have a yearly management fee to keep the timeshare you own in good condition and there is a small cost to RCI to make a reservation, this varies to the length of stay, whether days or weeks, the price varies accordingly.

All timeshares have what is called a management or maintenance fee, which is billed every year for each week owned. This is a small charge for the running cost of the resort, shared amongst all the owners and covers staff costs, upkeep, taxes, tourism licenses renovation and refurbishment and of course, the maintenance of the specific apartment that you own as well as all other costs a resort incurs. This ensures that what you own remains in tip-top condition so that anyone that uses it feels that it is as good as new.

RCI Timeshare Points The Concept

So the concept is you buy your vacation (the timeshare) and the cost thereafter for your vacations is the management fee cost every year and your RCI membership and reservations fee. The name of the game is to increase the quality of your vacation accommodations whilst making the cost of the RCI timeshare points cheaper than renting.

So how do you get this value of RCI Timeshare points?

The most popular and cost-effective way to own RCI timeshare Points is to own a week or weeks of a timeshare from Holiday Max and we convert  “cede” them to RCI Points for you at the same time. The points values are controlled by RCI and you get the same amount issued to you every year.
You buy a week of a timeshare from Holiday Max or just pure points. (see Pure Points vs Weeks Points)

Holiday Max include an RCI Points Agreement –  in simple terms, you give the right to use that timeshare week to RCI every year for as long as you want to remain in RCI Timeshare Points.

In return RCI always give you a specific value in return every year in RCI Points, which you can ‘spend’ on your vacations as you choose.

They can then offer your week to other owners and the same applies to you, in that you can book and go to anywhere within RCI that is available to book. You can leave RCI Points at any time you want and retain the timeshare for weeks, but you must give them a years notice (as someone will be using them!)

The specific timeshare you own determines how many points it is worth each and every year. Bigger apartments are worth more points but have higher management fees. All weeks in an apartment have the same management fee but sometimes of the year are worth 3 times as many points as lower season dates. Holiday Max can help you choose wisely at the best prices and management fees.

Here Is What You Can Do With Your RCI Timeshare Points from Holiday Max

  • Use Your own week
  • Use Your resort at any time of year in any size of apartment, villa, studio ofr hotel room
  • Stay within your home group of resorts
  • Vacation at any RCI Points resorts
  • Vacation at any RCI Weeks resorts
  • Save Points to create an extra special holiday
  • Borrow points from next year to use now or rent more points
  • Make RCI Points Partner reservations (Hotels, Cottages, Cruises, Car hire, Flights etc)

RCI Timeshare Points – You’re given the flexibility to change:-

  • Size of accommodation (From hotel rooms to 6 bedrooms)
  • Type (Resorts, Hotels, Boutiques, Yachts, Canal boats, Villas and more)
  • The duration of your stay, whether it’s a whole week, month or a few days
  • The luxury rating of the resort and individual accommodation.
  • The time of year you wish to travel.

For best help and advice email Holiday Max and we will get you the best RCI Points for the best price!

RCI Points
What Are RCI Timeshare Points
RCI Points
What Are RCI Timeshare Points
RCI Points
RCI Timeshare Points are a fair value for getting a vacation booking without the complex rules and ownership restrictions of the older RCI weeks system. Any size apartment, Any RCI resort, Any time of year that is available that you have enough points for.
Holiday Max RCI points
Holiday Max RCI Points
Holiday Max RCI Points