Becoming An RCI Points Owner

Becoming An RCI Points Owner

Becoming An RCI Points owner – My Name Is Stephanie

Becoming An RCI Points owner. I would like to share some of my life experiences with you in regards to RCI Points timeshares and vacations, before and after I became an RCI Points Owner.

So What do I get for my RCI points? Rather a lot! See some of my first RCI Points Pictures at the bottom of this post, more vacation pics on my other posts on Holiday Max and where I have been and how many points I have used you can see my post What do I get for my RCI Points? First, let me tell you how it all started and me becoming an RCI Points owner.

My curiosity with Timeshares started over 30 years ago, when timeshares were quite different, before becoming an RCI Points Owner with Holiday Max.

Timeshare was usually 1 week or 2 weeks at a chosen RCI timeshare resort that you could trade for a week at a different location. The temptation of visiting the RCI timeshare resort was a lure to get you in, by offering some kind of “free” gift to sit through a “90 minute” (actually 3-4 hrs) I myself was suckered into these timeshare presentations for the sake of a Knife set or $100 cash or discounted show tickets.

Each time I left the timeshare presentation feeling exhausted, disappointed and frustrated oh I should mention “relieved” for getting out alive. Of course, after seeing the beautiful RCI timeshare accommodations, you are tempted and hopeful that this will somehow fit into your budget. I mean these places are not affordable to most otherwise.

Becoming An RCI Points owner. After a Vegas presentation, I wanted a better RCI Points option

I have a funny story to tell in another blog later on, but I just wanted to share this for now. Last year after sitting through an RCI vacation points timeshare presentation in Las Vegas and being very interested in this type of RCI Points vacation option, I left the presentation determined to look for similar options.

That’s when I came across Robin at Holiday Max RCI Points.

Holiday Max – Vacation Heaven For Buying RCI Points

My whole perspective about being able to take some amazing vacations became a reality with our RCI Points. Stephanie the RCI Points Owner at last!

For a tiny fraction of the cost that we were presented with in the Las Vegas RCI Points presentation and with 3 times more RCI points value to exchange, we quickly got on board and purchased our RCI Points using a resort week from Holiday Max which they converted into RCI Points through their UK Quaysiders resort.

Where are we headed? Where can you go with RCI Points?

Las Vegas, Florida, Lake Tahoe Nevada, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with RCI Points so far 2017

We have used our RCI points to go to Las Vegas (also booked a trip for some good friends) Florida, we are going to Point Arena Ca. March 3rd. Ramona Ca. (San Diego County) in May, Lake Tahoe Nevada, in June and Cabo San Lucas Mexico in November. All using our RCI Points we bought from Holiday Max.

I will post pictures of Glass beach (these are now on another post for it – Robin) from our mini RCI Points Vacation to Pointe Arena California, to share with everyone and maybe have some great stories to tell!

Becoming An RCI Points owner…… I can proudly say I am Stephanie RCI Points Owner. I have a full RCI points account with RCI and can book or hold reservations online.

Life is short, BE ADVENTUROUS! And hey you don’t have to wait 30 years before you buy your RCI Points!

Stephanie from California owns 66,000 RCI points and bought from Holiday Max in 2016

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Stephanie owns 68500 RCI Points a year that she bought from Holiday Max thru Quaysiders RCI Gold Crown Resort. Ask us about similar great offers.

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