RCI Points Charts

RCI Points Charts

RCI Points Charts.

RCI Points Charts and RCI Points Values Charts. If you want to have a rough guide to how many RCI Points you need to make a reservation in various locations around the world ask us to mail you our Free RCI Points Charts.

See at a glance how many points you need for 4 people in a one bedroom apartment in June in Las Vegas or maybe 2 weeks in a sleep 10 gold crown resort villa in Hawaii in high season. Holiday Max have RCI Points Charts charts for the USA, Canada and Caribbean and for the rest of the World too.

Once you have our Holiday Max RCI Points charts you can work out how far your RCI points will go and how many points would make your ideal ownership.

So, what are RCI Points?

RCI Vacation Points are a fluid measure of currency in timeshare. So in simple terms you can book anything you like and how much of that RCI Points currency it costs you, is how many points you use on that booking. Easy!

With RCI Points you don’t have the complicated rules of banking years in advance or for worrying if your ownership is good enough to qualify for an exchange where you want to go. Look book and confirm instantly online with the Holiday Max RCI points membership.

Our RCI Points memberships are all live and you can book online from your membership account in the RCI website.

Search the resort directory for your chosen resort and see the availability and points values needed for each booking. Choose the one/s you want , click and book.

When you are a member the values appear in the resort directory, so if you are looking to buy RCI Points and can’t see that yet, then ask us for one of our RCI Points charts that show you the points values of different resort qualities, times of year, locations and sizes of apartments.

Once you have a feel for how many points you need then Holiday Max can help you get the best RCI Points for the nice and soft purchase price where you have low yearly costs.

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