Mini RCI Points Vacation California - Stephanie

Mini RCI Points Vacation California - Stephanie

My Mini RCI Points Vacation California

Hello everyone!

I am Stephanie, a Holiday Max RCI points owner and want to share my recent Mini RCI Points Vacation experience at Lighthouse Pointe Resort, Point Arena, California with you.

We booked this beautiful resort using our RCI points just a few weeks before going.

It was a wonderful getaway. There is nothing like walking into a fully furnished (like a RCI Points show apartment) accommodation, knowing that this will be home sweet home for a few days.

No worries, no clutter, just relaxation in knowing that all your expectation have been met or exceeded when staying at a RCI points resort.

For some reason on an RCI Points vacation everything seems to be a little sweeter. I tend to enjoy sipping on a hot cup of tea, in front of a fireplace more. I like to enjoy a glass of mimosa in the morning without thinking about the 100 things that I would normally be worrying about back home.



Mini RCI Points Vacation California

Everyone needs this break, even if it’s for a few days at a time. With our RCI points these getaways are available at short notice. In fact the RCI Points deals seem to be even better if your able to be spontaneous and book short notice.

This particular area, was full of adventures. It was within 45 minutes driving distance to Glass Beach (see my pictures) The beach is covered with a multitude of colors of bead like pieces of glass, very smooth and polished from the sand and waves.

The glass originated from many years ago when this area was used as a dumping ground. Now it provides a beautiful sight to be seen. Our second adventure was to Bryan Nature preserve, where you learn about different species of Zebra and Antelope (Kind of like a mini safari, Jeep and all) and the main attraction were the Giraffes. This was a real treat!

How many of you can claim to have kissed a giraffe?

Mini RCI Points Vacation California & Even The Giraffe Is Friendly!
Mini RCI Points Vacation California & Even The Giraffe Is Friendly!

If this isn’t enough excitement, there is a casino within 5 minutes of the resort called River Garcia Casino, live music played most nights. We also visited one of the tallest lighthouses on the West Coast.

Being an RCI points owner through Holiday Max, makes it possible!

Point Arena is definitely a place we would love to return to with our RCI Points. Although we were in Point arena for a few short days, we made some great memories!  This is definitely a place we would love to return to. Without RCI, we may have never discovered this place.

Stephanie stayed at GEVC at Lighthouse Pointe (RCI Resort #8771) on a stay for 18,800 points for 2 night weekend in a 1 bedroom apartment lodge.

Stephanie from California owns 68,500 RCI points and bought from Holiday Max in 2016

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Stephanie owns 68500 RCI Points a year that she bought from Holiday Max thru Quaysiders RCI Gold Crown Resort. Ask us about similar great offers.

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