Cabo San Lucas Mexico Vacation With 28000 RCI Points

Cabo San Lucas Mexico Vacation With 28000 RCI Points

Cabo San Lucas Mexico Vacation With 28000 RCI Points

Stephanie’s latest RCI Points adventure

How do you use RCI Points? Easily! We have just been to The Pueblo Bonita Rose RCI Points Resort, which is right on the beach, we had a quite roomy, ocean view apartment, with steps away from the beach, all for just 28000 RCI Points.

Cabo San Lucas Mexico  Vacation With 28000 RCI Points. It was an amazing week.  The weather was near perfect. High 70’s in the evening, early morning. Low 80’s during the day with a nice sea breeze. Even the ocean water was the perfect temperature. This is why we have the RCI Points, heaven.

Mexico has a bad rap.  Everyone, except for the drug cartel is warm, inviting and very friendly and happy.  The American dollar goes a long way in Mexico.  We start off at the Cabo airport, we had a shuttle already reserved, otherwise, you are inundated with time share sellers, more than willing to give you a ride for just “90 minutes” of your time.  Best to not even make eye contact and just keep walking straight ahead and not even engage.

Time share solicitors are very aggressive in Mexico, hey they gotta make a living, but best to stay away from them. You can read about my timeshare presentations experiences before becoming an RCI Points Owner buying RCI Points from Holiday Max

We start our journey in a private suburban, as soon as we get in the driver offers us a “Cerveza” Beer of course.  Only in Mexico lol.  We then proceed to the 30 min. drive to our RCI Points resort.

How do you use RCI points?

I booked our 28000 RCI Points vacation at Cabo online back earlier in the year.  We mainly stayed and fully enjoyed the resort with the exception of 1 day we get the bright idea of renting scooters.

This is an adventure in itself since John and Dana’s husband neither has experience driving a scooter/moped.  On delivery of the scooters, “Jose” brings us 2 helmets even though there are 4 riders.  I asked Jose and he said oh the drivers can wear the helmets.  My reply was “I don’t think so”  We all need helmets, so we proceeded to follow him to his shop which was downtown.

Our destination was to ride up to the other sister RCI Points Resort Pueblo Bonita Sunset (with our all-inclusive bracelets you have access to all 3 of their RCI Points resorts, Rose, Blanco and Sunset, you can access all facilities and restaurants).  It was supposed to be a 15-20 min.ride on the scooters, about 3 miles away but Up a winding hill overlooking the ocean.  So we head out, mind you lots of traffic and it is not so steady on the scooter.  A little unnerving to say the least.

My navigation was not working and it seemed after about 1 hour and 15 minutes that we may be lost.  Dana’s scooter broke down, we had to backtrack to find her (mostly dirt roads, with no road signs) we finally found her and Bo and my phone was about to die.  So I called Jose to tell him one of the scooters broke down, and we had no idea where we were.  I took pictures of building around us and was frantically forwarding them to Jose so he could come save us.  Within 2-3 minutes, we see Jose on a scooter waving happily, I was shocked he was in the area!

I said Jose how did you get here so fast (We had been driving for well over an hour) He said “Oh my shop is 2 blocks away” I said “Oh you have another shop over here? (Thinking we were in a totally different town). He said no, we are only a few blocks from where you started!  OH my gosh, help me, lord! We had basically been driving around in circles. lol!

Well, he then swapped out the scooter and off we went.  Finally arrived the Pueblo Bonita Sunset RCI points resort.  We stopped at the security booth with them looking at us very suspiciously since Dana and Bo are covered in tattoos, My John has a doo rag on his head (Like a Harley rider but on a scooter) and me with a hat the reads “Ill bring the bad decisions”   We were a sight for sure!

We did get in and we were able to take a dip in the pool and order a beverage from the pool bar and then back on the road. I must say, it was a small miracle we made it back alive.  Well, this was kind of a long story but I thought you would get a kick out of it.  Well here are some of the pics from our Cabo vacation!

Viva la Mexico and all for just 28,000 RCI Points!

Stephanie owns 66000 RCI Points a year that she bought from Holiday Max thru Quaysiders RCI Gold Crown Resort. Here is a page of similar RCI Points Prices for getting a Stephanie style of RCI Points ownership, then you too could be having a 28000 RCI Points vacation to Cabo Mexico.

63500 RCI Points Price To Own $3555 2018 Low Maintenance Fee just $450

35000 RCI Points Price To Own $2695 Plus Low Maintenance Fee just $225

Life is short, BE ADVENTUROUS! And hey you don’t have to wait 30 years before you buy your RCI Points!

Stephanie from California owns 66,000 RCI points and bought from Holiday Max in 2016 and used just 28000 RCI Points for this vacation in Mexico.

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