Buying RCI Points Wisely

Buying RCI Points Wisely

Buying RCI Points Wisely.

Buying RCI Points Wisely. Get twice the points with Holiday Max and half the yearly fees- save Money on every vacation. Buy a low Management fee RCI Points ownership through Holiday Max.

Buying RCI Points Wisely – Holiday Max – The Right Way To Buy RCI Points

Buying RCI Points Wisely – Buy RCI Points From Holiday Max And We have the right criteria and ratio.

As an example, one of our packages has 100,000 points and resort dues of just $674. Let’s say you book a week in a Gold Crown apartment in High Season for 50,000 points a week, you use 50,000 of your points (half of your total), leaving a balance of 50,000 for later.

So as a simple comparison the vacation cost in resort dues fee terms is just $336 per Gold Crown Vacation Week.

This way you are making your future vacations saving lots of money every year and you get Gold Crown quality. Mail Holiday Max to find out how you can save money on your vacations, we can call you back, if you wish. Take a look at our RCI Points For Sale to see RCI Points prices for all our range. This is Buying RCI Points Wisely

What is the best type of RCI Points to suit YOU and your needs?

When you go to a presentation you end up with one choice – what they want to sell and what they want you to buy! That can sometimes mean what is best for the resort owner and not what is best for you. Here at Holiday Max, we have a full range of types of RCI Points and of resorts too. At Holiday Max our RCI points memberships are unrestricted and so you can add more points from other resorts and there are no reservations restrictions.

Best type of points to own for 12000 – 40000 range of RCI Points ownership is ‘RCI Pure Points’

You can save money on the initial purchase outlay if you are buying around 25000 RCI Points by owning what are called RCI Pure Points. 25000 RCI Pure Points with Holiday Max only cost $1,060 to own and you get the 25000 points every year to use as you wish.

RCI Pure points or RCI Next Generation Points are liquidated stock weeks at resorts with an averaged out management fee.

You can read more on the types of points on our post RCI Points vs RCI Weeks Points. The advantage of pure points is usually up to around 40,000 RCI Points, where they are cheap to buy and have a good low management fee. Over 40,000 points we recommend you look at weeks as RCI Points as that can save money on your yearly management fee (sometimes called maintenance fee or MF) costs.

Think of RCI Pure Points as disposable, like the Gillette principle. Gillette razors used to sell the razor very cheaply and then you had to pay a bit more for the blades, similar to a lot of printers who have followed that marketing strategy. You get a cheap printer but you have to pay for the ink.

So RCI Pure Points are like that in a way. You get very cheap RCI points to own and pay slightly more in management fees, but the saving in purchase cost being in thousands, it can still save you money overall. Management fees are invoiced by RCI itself once a year. So what does that look like?

25,000 RCI Points Platinum  have a management fee of just $331 and only cost $1,715 to own. If you don’t want them anymore you just give them back. They work identically to any other RCI Points. Points are like a fluid amount of timeshare, so you can “spend” your ownership points at whichever resorts you like and there are no restrictions other than having enough points for all your vacations. At Holiday Max we recommend starting at no lower than 25000 RCI points so that you can have a really great choice of vacations. Please ask for our Holiday Max reservations values brochure if you need a rough idea of booking costs in points terms.

RCI Pure Points are very cheap to buy and are the best way to own RCI Points up to around 40000 RCI Points.  Holiday Max have full RCI Points accounts with 25000 RCI points for $1,060 as an example.

Best type of points to own if you want 41000 points or over are ‘RCI Weeks Converted To RCI Points’

If you want to own more than 41,000 RCI Points then it makes sense to own in a way that you can reduce the management fee by buying wisely from Holiday Max. There are a lot of really good reasons for owning a week or weeks and using them on a permanent basis as RCI Points, so long as you know the weeks to own so that the ownership works in your favor.

At Holiday Max we only use special weeks to convert into RCI Points.

They have high values and two or three times the points values of other weeks in the same apartments and yet have the same management fees. This in effect reduces your management fees per point, or let me put that another way, it reduces the cost of your vacations by up to 60% more than the other weeks.

There are other advantages to owning weeks and using them as points.

When you buy weeks you own the property of course and so it retains a resale value that can be resold or passed on to your family. Because we use top weeks that are the most attractive for RCI Points, they are the easiest to resell of course. Better, with Holiday Max, if you name family members or friends on the deeds, then they also can be RCI Points members as well, up to 5 people and all can be RCI Points members with a login, all for the same cost to own.

You can also have dual RCI as you can withdraw your own week from points on any year and use it yourself, you can go back and swap it again in RCI weeks as a week or you could rent your own week out from the resort which is a service we provide for our owners. Winning all the way round in both RCI exchange networks and at the resort you own at, which is year-round red time high season as well as being RCI Gold Crown for the last 15 years.

It gets better. With Holiday Max the ownership is initially until 2065 and then the owners have the choice to run again for another 80 years or they can resell the whole resort and have an equal share each or even just disband the resort depending on the majority vote of owners. This is Buying RCI Points Wisely

So how do RCI Weeks converted to RCI  points work in practice?

That’s easy. You choose a number of points that suit you best in our offers and let us at Holiday Max take care of the rest for you.

RCI Weeks converted to RCI  points. You will own the property deeded in your name and have an agreement with RCI to use them every year for a specific value for that apartment week. So every year RCI get the apartment week that you own and every year you get the RCI points to use as you please. RCI can put whoever they like into your apartment weeks and similarly, you can request any RCI resort, so long as you have enough points to go there of course.

At Holiday Max you can upgrade the week you own, add more weeks or resell your ownership at any time. If you are an existing RCI Points owner we can add to your existing membership and the points use year will remain the same and your points will all renew on the same date each year. This makes planning nice and easy for your vacations as all the points will be as one.

RCI Weeks Used As Points Automatically are the best way to own RCI Points over 41000 RCI Points or so.  Holiday Max have full RCI Points accounts with 100000 RCI points Platinum for $5,292 with a management fee of $674 as an example. See Buy RCI Platinum Points and Buy RCI Platinum Points Premium

Buying RCI Points Wisely. Holiday Max Points Ahead
Buying RCI Points Wisely

Avoid Buying RCI Points The Wrong Way and Buying RCI Points Wisely. 

Buying RCI Points Wisely. Here is the comparison of purchase from Holiday Max vs a presentation buy. We can save you thousands over your first years of RCI Points ownership.

If you buy an ownership collection elsewhere that has high resort dues, say 34,000 points in Las Vegas where the Resort Dues are sometimes $861 or more, then that vacation of 50,000 points is going to cost you $1,266 per week, worse you don’t have enough points to take the week and would have to save up for a year to get there. Remember our way of getting the 50,000 RCI Points vacation in management fees would only be $392

So if you buy the wrong one at the full a presentation price that’s a whopping $874  more expensive on the same RCI Points Vacation.

Over 10 years that is $8,743 more expensive than if you bought it wisely through Holiday Max, and that isn’t the purchase cost, that is just the yearly running costs or management fees per point. Stick with Holiday Max we will look after you.

Worse if you buy too few points on the basis that you can just rent some more, be aware of just how expensive that can be. Let’s compare:

Say you had a Holiday Max 100,000 Point ownership with a management fee of $784 . You could book your stay in a 50,000 point apartment and your management fee cost is just $336. You still have 50,000 points left in your account to use.

You get twice the points with Holiday Max and it costs you half as much a year.

If you only own 10,000 RCI Points from one of our competitors and then have to rent an extra 40,000 points at .02 cents a point to get a booking, your cost is $800, $500 dollars a year more expensive than a Holiday Max ownership. We are being generous in our comparison as RCI’s own rental cost per point is now 3 cents and not the two cents in the resort comparison. Not only is this way of owning $500 more expensive than the Holiday Max way, with Holiday Max you have another 50,000 RCI Points left to use and the great news is you don’t need to pay any rental fees to use them.

At Holiday Max we are points ahead. If you want to stay ahead ask us for our latest special offers at the level of points you want and own the best RCI Points from the start. You can also see our all about RCI Points page.

Low Management fee RCI Points – Save Money on every vacation. Buy a low Management fee RCI Points ownership through Holiday Max

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