Buy Best RCI Points. The most points - lowest costs - new or existing owners

Buy Best RCI Points. More Points Less Money

Own RCI Pure Points Or  Timeshare As Points – Which Is Best?
Get Me The Best OffersPure Points Or Weeks As Points?

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Holiday Max Buy Best RCI Points
Buy Holiday Max Buy Best RCI Points
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Buy More RCI Points - Max Points, Low Fees, Low Cost, To Your Existing Account

Want More Points? Add Low Fee, Low Cost, RCI Points To Your Account
Adding More RCI PointsChoosing Which RCI Points

Buy Best RCI Points. The most points – lowest costs – new or existing owners

Buy Best RCI Points. The most points – lowest costs – new or existing owners

Get the most points with low costs and save $$$ on your vacations. Own yearly RCI Points to choose when and where you want to go in any size of an apartment from any available RCI resort around the World. Get a great purchase price and low management fees per point. Here at Holiday Max we have a range of different RCI Points to suit to give you the best ownership.

RCI Points Platinum
RCI Pure Points
Buy Best RCI Points From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Buy Best RCI Points With Your Own RCI Login & Points Account Ready

Browse the RCI website for your ideal Vacation or mini break and if something takes your fancy you could make a reservation there and then. In a matter of weeks, you could be booking the first of your dream RCI points Vacations

Choice Of RCI Points Types


Holiday Max show you how to tell which is the best RCI Points type for yourself. Then you can choose the very best RCI Vacation Points package and know it is your best deal. Holiday Max give you a full choice of All RCI Points Types, Dual RCI Points, RCI Pure Points & RCI Platinum Points, best prices and low fees.


Local RCI Points Accounts

Our RCI Points Memberships run from your local RCI Points Office. Live in the USA or Canada and your account is in USD$ or CAD$ and your RCI website login has your special offers from the home page and runs from RCI North America. If you live in the UK, it is the UK in GBP£ and so on, depending on your home address is where your RCI Points account runs from.

Full RCI Points Login

When you buy best RCI points from Holiday Max you get a full RCI Points membership with a login to the RCI website. From your own home page have everything at your fingertips, points balances, bookings, history, special offers and the RCI points directory with availability and points values. You can book online in an instant or call the RCI call center.

Max After Sales Support

When you Buy Best RCI Points from Holiday Max we are here to help and support way after purchase. Max After Sales Support. We have been looking after our RCI members for 30 years and you can read posts from them right here on our website. So whether you need more help and advice, tips, want to add more or reduce your level of points we are always here to help our own Max RCI Points members.

Holiday Max advantages

Buy Best RCI Points from Holiday Max and have a flexible RCI Points ownership. With Holiday Max you can change your ownership as your needs change:

  • Add More RCI points
  • Reduce RCI Points
  • Change RCI Points to add other owners and RCI Points Members
  • Will RCI Points To Family Or Heirs, Perpetuity Ownerships
  • Sell RCI Points thru Holiday Max
  • Hand Back Our RCI Pure Points thru Holiday Max when you are done

Best RCI Points?

Buy Best RCI Points. The most points – lowest costs – new or existing owners. Ask us about RCI Points, best for you. 

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Happy RCI Points Owners

Its hard to describe the level of service I received in just a few words. My overall experience with Robin Green from Holiday Max was no less than very Impressive. His knowledge, patience and overall expertise in the area of timeshare options and RCI points was remarkable. I was hesitant initially going in to making the purchase since we live in USA and the transaction originated in the UK. But Mr. Green walked me through every step with a reassuring and guiding hand that made me feel at ease and confidant that I was going to be very happy with…

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