Buy 45000 RCI Points
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Buy 45000 RCI Points

What do you get? You have the 45000 RCI points every year, you have the RCI Points membership account with RCI at your local RCI Office (wherever you live in the World) in your name. RCI membership is Platinum and paid for the first year. You also have one years full membership to Holiday Max For Back up and support. 

See examples of how far you could go with your 45000 Points
further down this page. 

Buy 45,000 RCI Points $ 1460 Maintenance $ 660
Buy 45,500 RCI Points $ 3195 Maintenance $ 216

Choose between extremely low cost purchase cost and higher fees or a more sleek week with extremely low Fees, roughly same points

18000 RCI Points Starter

18000 RCI Points Ownership with a full RCI Points account. Access all the benefits of RCI Points from your very own account.

36000 RCI Points

36000 RCI Points Ownership  with a full RCI Points account. Access all the benefits of RCI Points from your very own account.

79000 RCI Points

See where you can get to and what you can do with 79000 RCI Points, with a full RCI Points account. Access all the benefits of RCI Points from your very own account.

How Far Do Your 45,000 RCI Points Go?

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How much do RCI Points cost? Imagine spending your RCI Points and here are some quick examples

If you would like more RCI Points examples or want our RCI points values charts
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Travel-Perks Resort Vacations

You can sign up for a Travel-Perks Lifetime membership for a small joining fee, instantly get access to your membership and can be booking your RCI week in minutes. That's right 5 minutes from now you could have booked your RCI vacation from a selection of up to 4500 RCI Resorts all around the World in around 100 Countries.

RCI Weeks from just $279 per apartment per week ($7 per person per night)

No Yearly Fee (see offer)

No Maintenance Fees

A fraction of the cost of other clubs

See the Travel-Perks Resort Vacations brochure online

Grand Mayan Beach Front Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

36,000 RCI Points a week

Sleep 4 in a 1 bedroom sleeps 5 apartment suite for only 36,000 RCI Points using a last call discount, you might also choose hotel room for just 9,500 RCI Points in this Gold Crown resort in Playa Del Carmen

HILTON Grand Vacations Flamingo Las Vegas

28,000 RCI Points A Week

A two bedroom sleep 6 in this stunning Vegas resort for just 40,000 RCI Points or a 1 bedroom 4 sleeper apartment suite at just 28,000 RCI points a week leaving you 51, 000 points left over for some more lovely vacations this year

SHERATON Vistana Resort Orlando Florida

32,000 RCI Points A Week

Stay in a 2 bedroom sleep 8 Villa in this famous Florida Resort renowned for it's lavish accomodations. Enjoy the swimming pools, Fitness Centre, Sports Courts and all the attractions of Orlando  for 32,000 RCI Points A Week

Paniolo Greens Waikoloa Hawaii

27,400 RCI Points A Week

Imagine walking into this lounge in your swish 2 bedroom sleep 6 apartment suite on you Hawaii vacation . You could be in a 2 bedroom sleep 6 mega apartment suite for 27,400 RCI Points we saw available in July

How To Choose RCI Points

Buying The Right RCI Points

We help you get the perfect RCI Points 

What you get

Buy RCI Points from Holiday Max and here is what you get

Unrestricted Full Live RCI Points Account with login to the RCI website


Based wherever you live, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand


Unlimited RCI bonus weeks, weeks without using points, discount points weeks, special offers


Go to any RCI Resort worldwide using RCI Points & RCI Weeks Resorts 


Use Points For Hotels, Theme Parks, Auto Hire, Flights, Villas, Boats, even airport parking


Up to 5 family members with access on one RCI points membership


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Why Buy 45000 RCI Points Thru Holiday Max?

Top Reasons Holiday Max Are The Best For 45000 RCI Points.

  • MORE POINTS PER $ - Buy 45000 RCI Points for $ 1460 (£1095) in our current special offer. This super low price is obviously a very limited time offer whilst weeks last .Price to own and have 45000 RCI Points every year in your account to spend as you please. This is a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom UK Lake District Red Time High Season Week In Our RCI Gold Crown Resort As Points. Ask for full offer details
  • BUY 45500 RCI POINTS for $ 3195 (£2495) - ownership to get a couple of good weeks vacation or an excellent top up for existing RCI Points owners turbo boosting more points to their RCI account. Why is this different in price to the one above for almost the same points? Easy, the maintenance is a tiny one third of the other offer and worth every penny of the deal. This is a 1 bedroom apartment suite with private sauna in our Silver Crown resort
  • BOOK BY WEEK OR DAY - You can book by the week, by the night, for weekends, two weeks, a month, you name it! Any size of unit, any time of year and Worldwide. Search for Any RCI Resort
  • BOOK ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANY SIZE - at any available RCI Resort Worldwide. 45000 RCI points have the trading power of a good peak school holiday time top high season 2 bedroom sleep 6 apartment in Gold Crown Award Quality, or two weeks in non-peak summer or two weeks in a 1 bedroom apartment or up to 5 last minute special offer bookings. Ask for more details on where you can go with 45000 points or our RCI Points Cost Charts
  • BONUS WEEKS - You get access to unlimited extra bonus weeks without having to use your own points and all from your very own RCI Points login to the RCI website. Last minute, last call and point-free special offers
  • USA/UK/CANADA/AUSTRALIA OWNERSHIPS - Your RCI Points are created to run from YOUR local RCI office, wherever you live in the World. USA thru Minneapolis or UK Kettering England, RCI Australasia or RCI Canada. This means your own login home page is set to where you live with relevant special vacation offers from RCI.
  • Extra vacation / Holiday Weeks without using any of your RCI Points! Take Last Call weeks 
  • All Holiday Max sales are under UK law and EU legislation. There is a 14 day cooling off period for our RCI points offer and we have 100's of happy owners in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and around the world
Holiday Max RCI points 

Buying 45000 RCI Points - How To Choose Best RCI Points

Buying Your RCI Points thru HOLIDAY MAX saves you a fortune and should save you money on every vacation because of our low maintenance fees from our great RCI Crown Awarded resorts.  

Buy RCI Points from the comfort of your own home in your own time - Low cost RCI Points Memberships and low yearly running costs. Get yourself the best deal with the lowest of running costs delivering fabulous quality vacations every year.

Holiday Max have great RCI Points Offers from as little as US$ 1295 - £995 to own 12000 RCI Points, including full RCI Points membership account and new owners pack. Holiday Max take the hassle out of buying, use the contact form to get your best deal. 

Find out more about either the 45000 RCI Points or the 45500 RCI Points ownershipsby sending us the form below mentioning it is the 36000 points offer you wish the info on (or any other of course). See also 79000 RCI Points

This ownership has a maintenance fee of $ 222 per year, can be handed back at any time no cost, resold, passed on to family or kept forever. It has 36000 points every year.

Closing Cost $ 249, Optional - Add RCI Platinum Membership Setup $ 89, Optional - Add Club Holiday Max 40 Year Use $ 995 (normally $ 2495 if sold seperately)

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