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Holiday Max RCI Points

Holiday Max RCI Points from gold crown resorts QR

Holiday Max RCI Points from gold crown resorts

Holiday Max is the revolutionary game changer in the world of RCI Points.

Holiday Max have the best RCI Points Timeshare program to buy RCI Points with savings of up to 80% elsewhere.

All Holiday Max RCI Points Offers come with a fully set up live RCI Points account in your name, ready to use in RCI North America or your local RCI Office. Our Platinum RCI Points memberships have your own full login to the RCI website and include a live look and book feature where you can make an instant reservation without having to go through a resort call centre first.

Holiday Max let you choose from RCI Points made from weeks of timeshare with specific points values every year or from RCI Pure points memberships that have no property ownership. All RCI Points work the same there is no difference in use with RCI wherever you live in the World.


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About Holiday Max

Our Chester Shop where we started out selling RCI Points way back in 2001

Our Shop where we started selling RCI Points back in 2001

Here at Holiday Max we have over 30 years of experience selling RCI Resorts so you know you are in safe hands.

We have sold RCI timeshares based onsite at resorts as sole agents and with sales teams in offsite offices for the past 30 years. We proudly opened the first City Center shop specializing in selling RCI timeshares way back in 1999.

These days with the Internet at your fingertips we specialize in selling RCI Points direct to the buyer without using any middlemen. This saves you, the RCI Points buyer, up to 80% of the purchase costs, giving you the best deal possible.

Holiday Max RCI Points

Buy Your RCI Points direct from Holiday Max & save $,$$$'s

At Holiday Max we sell our weeks direct to you the buyer, meaning you only pay for the RCI Points and not any hidden fees or commissions along the way.

Full & Live  RCI Points Memberships

Holiday Max RCI Points ownerships all come with a live login to the RCI website where you can see you account info and points balances. You can browse for your vacation and book instantly online with no need to call a developer or a call center first.

Buy RCI Points From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Holiday Max make buying your RCI Points easy and hassle free. There are no presentations to attend and no hidden costs or extras. We have a full 14 day cooling off period and there is nothing to pay until you have agreed the RCI paperwork and are then ready to go ahead.

10 Reasons To Choose Holiday Max

YOU always get the best deal. Platinum RCI Points ownerships and live look and book accounts. We have over 30 years in the timeshare industry and have over 1,000 happy owners.
Our offers match our suggested essential criteria to Buy RCI Points plus have great after sales and ongoing help.
Friendly staff to guide and help you make the best choice and the perfect fit for your vacations.
Absolutely no pressure, you can cancel even up to 14 days after you have decided to buy, that's not a problem.
Low cost purchase and then lowest running costs per point yearly - the perfect equation for great long term ownership.
Your ownership is at a rock solid resort, with a long track record of stability and is in tip top condition as befits it’s gold crown standard.
Our resort has a track record of superb management and has year on year kept fees in line with inflation or below.
Membership runs on an Anniversary rather than a Calendar basis, so. your annual Membership runs for a full 12 months from the date your RCI Points start, rather than until the end of the year in which you joined. Even better our Holiday Max RCI points ownerships have a live look and book feature with instant booking and confirmation in the RCI website.
All weeks backed ownerships can be returned no cost at any time, passed on to heirs or resold. Pure points can be cancelled at any time if you wish.
Holiday Max RCI Points memberships are platinum and RCI Gold Crown Resort backed. They can be added to and upgraded anytime.