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Travel-Perks RCI Resort Vacations Club

Travel-Perks 3 min Tour Video (This link)

Travel-Perks RCI Resort Vacations 30 second overview (below video)

Travel-Perks Club

 The New Way To Vacation

Travel-Perks Resort Vacations.

No Running Costs. No Yearly Fees

The revolutionary new way to take RCI Vacations. Platinum members have no yearly fees and can book RCI Resort weeks from just $279 per apartment per week. It gets much better take a look at our 1 time Lifetime offer. Lifetime membership - save $2000 TODAY

Want RCI Vacations Without All The Costs?
Take a look at Travel-Perks RCI Resort Vacations
With Travel-Perks you can book as many RCI Resort Weeks as you want from $279 per apartment per week.

Travel-Perks works on so many brilliant levels.
If you wanted all the great vacations without all those ownership costs and yearly running costs, Travel-Perks is for you.


Unlimited, no complex rules, take your friends and family or let them use your ownership without a guest certificate cost. Better you get a choice from 4500 RCI and Wyndham Resorts from just $279 per apartment per week.

Imagine booking a week for yourself in a fabulous luxury RCI resort apartment and then also booking a week for friends or other family members in another apartment in the same or even a nearby resort in the same week. Can you imagine doing that from just $558 for two apartments!

With Travel-Perks you can have a Lifetime Platinum Membership with no yearly fees. The only cost you pay as a member is what you book. So if you don't book in any year there are no running costs. No ownership to worry about and no running costs. All the benefits without the downsides of ownership.

How does it work? You join Travel-Perks and then get access to the live members search and book pages.

You browse for what you want from a Worldwide choice, book instantly or hold for 24 hours whilst you compare more choices. When you book RCI send you your confirmation by email and you start packing your bags!

Unlimited Lifetime Memberships

Travel-Perks Resort Vacations

You can sign up for a Travel-Perks Platinum Lifetime membership for a small joining fee, instantly get access to your membership and can be booking your RCI week in minutes. That's right 5 minutes from now you could have booked your RCI vacation from a selection of up to 4500 RCI Resorts all around the World in around 100 Countries.

RCI Weeks from just $279 per apartment per week ($7 per person per night)

No Yearly Fee  Lifetime Membership (see  offer)

No Maintenance Fees

A fraction of the cost of other clubs

See the Travel-Perks Resort Vacations brochure online

Travel-Perks? You really owe it to Yourself!

  • Unlimited bookings per year. No yearly running costs. Don't book, you pay nothing, there is no meter running.
  • Lifetime with no yearly fees, 10 year and 3 year options
  • Browse, read the Trip advisor ratings, hold for 24 hours while you carry on browsing or book straight away
  • Get your resort vacation confirmation from RCI by email return

Become a member and lose your ownership worries, all you have to worry about is where to go next. Take friends and family, take unlimited breaks and weeks. 3 day, 5 day and weekly bookings. RCI and Wyndham Resorts and Hotels.
See our one time payment Lifetime Membership Offer
For less than one year's average management fee cost you can have Travel-Perks forever. Stripe options for purchase

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