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RCI Points Costs

Holiday Max RCI points 

RCI Points Costs getting the best RCI Points for You that work in YOUR favor

There are 3 costs in owning RCI Points, the cost of buying your ownership, the one off purchase costs, then there is your yearly maintenance fee to keep what you own in good shape and lastly your RCI Points fees for changing what you own into fabulous vacations.

Do it right thru Holiday Max RCI Points and you should save money on your Vacations. 

If you want RCI vacations WITHOUT ALL THE COSTS then take a look at Travel-Perks Resort Vacations

If you need any help with any RCI Points questions, simply email or use the form below and tell us what you would like to own or ask for a little help and advice on getting the right one.  


Travel-Perks Resort Vacations

You can sign up for a Travel-Perks Lifetime membership for a small joining fee, instantly get access to your membership and can be booking your RCI week in minutes. That's right 5 minutes from now you could have booked your RCI vacation from a selection of up to 4500 RCI Resorts all around the World in around 100 Countries.

RCI Weeks from just $279 per apartment per week ($7 per person per night)

No Yearly Fee (see offer)

No Maintenance Fees

A fraction of the cost of other clubs

See the Travel-Perks Resort Vacations brochure online

Costs To Own RCI Points

Buying RCI Points? See the once off purchase deals saving you $$
To get YOUR top offers of the moment in any currency just drop us an email or use the Holiday Max Contact form to tell us how many points you are looking for and we will respond by return
See our Max RCI Points choices to help you with the types of RCI Points you can own

By purchasing RCI Points through Holiday Max at our low, low prices you are owning RCI points which can be used at any RCI resort around the world. This includes many high luxury resorts in Canada, the US and the Caribbean and your RCI Points account is local to wherever you live in the World. 

Costs Of RCI Points Maintenance

Here at Holiday Max we have some superb ownerships that have very low maintenance fees
See our Max RCI Points page to see the variuous choices in choosing your ownership type and this reflects what your maintenance charges are. We have ownerships where the points maintenance is as low as half a cent a point.

If you are buying a timeshare to use yourself every year then that maintenance is relevant to what you are buying and going to benefit from. If however you are buying to convert what you own into RCI Points every year, then you choose what you will own very differently. When you get a little closer to purchasing we will share our skills and offers to get you the ultimate in low maintenance fees at resorts with proven track records exceeding 10 years and more at Crown Quality Resorts.

Your maintenance covers all the running costs of your share in the resort relevant to what you own and where. So when choosing to own RCI Points there is a specific formula of what is a perfect ownership so that those costs are low and yet cover everything that keeps your ownership premium.

Costs To RCI Points Fees

See RCI Points Fees for where your ownership will be based:

RCI Points USA 2019
RCI Points Canada 2019
RCI Points UK 2019
RCI Points Australia

Why Buy RCI Points Through Holiday Max

Top Reasons Holiday Max Are The Best For RCI Points.

  • MORE POINTS PER $ - Why buy your RCI Points Timeshare in Europe from Holiday Max? Because you can buy a week or weeks in a Gold Crown resort for a lot cheaper than the equivalent points value elsewhere in the world. This is because there are many more resorts in Europe, for example in Spain alone there are over 135 resorts compared to 112 in the whole of Canada. RCI Points Offers
  • LOW YEARLY FEES - The biggest difference is that the resorts we sell are all owner controlled. Many resort developers sell timeshare weeks in a resort but maintain management control of the resort. This often means management fees are inflated as the developer adds a margin to the management fees used for the upkeep of the resort, cleaning, maintenance and landscaping etc. Not so with us we have a 15 year track record where the management fees have never been above inflation. For this reason our MF (maintenance fees) are amongst the lowest you will find. 
  • LONG LASTING - Our resorts are forever or are until 2065, so you can own it forever, pass it on to family or friends, sell it (through us if you wish, we only sell our own resorts) and if you just decide you don't want it for what ever reason we sell resorts where you can hand it back (or resell of course). It's the ultimate ownership and all our resorts are RCI Crown Quality
  • NO PRESSURE - We have been selling timeshare in the UK on and off resorts since 1987 and consider ourselves the no-pressure sales guys. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and like to help people make informed decisions. We can tailor make a points package to suit your exact requirements so you have enough points to stay where you want in the US, Canadian, Caribbean, Fare East or European resorts you want, when you want to go. Holiday Max will get you the best ownership without you spending more than you need to. We will get you the best deal for YOU and have ongoing help and support after purchase.

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How Much Do RCI Points Cost To Book Vacations?

12000 RCI Points Starter Ownerships

12000 Starter RCI Points Ownership (RCI Pure Points or points with no property) with a full RCI Points account. Access all the benefits of RCI Points from your very own account.

36500 RCI Points

See where you can get to and what you can do with 36500 RCI Points, with a full RCI Points account. Access all the benefits of RCI Points from your very own account.

79000 RCI Points

See where you can get to and what you can do with 79000 RCI Points, with a full RCI Points account. Access all the benefits of RCI Points from your very own account.

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