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Buy 12000 RCI Points

What do you get? You have the 12000 RCI points every year, you have the RCI Points membership account with RCI at your local RCI Office (wherever you live in the World) in your name. Your Management fees will be billed direct by RCI every year. RCI membership is Platinum and paid for the first year. You also have one years full membership to Holiday Max For Back up and support. 

Purchase Offer 12000 RCI Points  US $ 1295 / UK £ 995 - Closing Fees US $99 / £79.
Go for 25,000 RCI Points  for an extra US $ 600  US $ 1895 / UK £ 1495

12000 RCI Points (This Page)

Starter Points Ownership (RCI Pure Points or points with no property) with a full RCI Points account. Access all the benefits of RCI Points from your very own account.

18000 RCI Points

See where you can get to and what you can do with 18000 RCI Points, with a full RCI Points account. Access all the benefits of RCI Points from your very own account.

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No Maintenance, No Yearly Fees, No Exchange costs

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How Far Do 12000 RCI Points Go?

Some suggestions of where you can stay when you buy 12,000 RCI Points

12000 RCI Points -Pure Points

A great starter way of getting an RCI Points account and having all the benefits of RCI Points membership


Low Purchase Cost $ 1295

Get a full RCI Points membership at the lowest of purchase costs without a property ownership


Low Yearly Costs

Low maintenance fees of $166 paid to RCI 


Local RCI Points Accounts

Wherever you lie in the World is where we set up your RCI Points Account, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia


Full Unrestricted Accounts

Our Holiday Max RCI Points have no restrictions and you can book straight from your account instantly.


Hand Back 

Hand back the points to RCI anytime so long as you give a years notice of withdrawal


Easy Purchase

Buy RCI Points from the comfort of your own home, through our website.

Holiday Max RCI points 

Purchase Upgrade options 

Go for 25,000 RCI Points with the same Pure Points for an extra US $ 600
Maintenance US $340  Cost to buy 25000 US $ 1895

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